Backstreet’s Back Alright

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The Spanish website has known through reliable official sources that this time the return of as a group seems not only possible, but almost certain. Backstreet Boys are currently negotiating their return to the studio for the beginning of 2004, to record what would be, their fifth album. Read on for more.

“On behalf of BSBLatino and we would like to ask you all to pay attention to events on Dec. 10th. On this day the Oprah show in which all five Boys reunited will at last be shown on American TV…but there is something even better….that day the Boys may be on The Billboard Awards in Las Vegas, and an official announcement may be given. We were not authorized to tell what the announcement would be, but our source did say that it would make Backstreet Fans very happy *lol*

As regards Nick Carter and his second album; unfortunately he has decided to postpone his work temporarily in favor of the group album, but this in no way means that the album is cancelled. His recorded material will be kept until he is ready to continue. This of course implies that his trip to London will be postponed till further notice. He is currently taking time off to spend with his family at home.

As for the film ‘Brew’ which was to be shot in January, it is also on hold, but not because of these changes of plans, but because the Production team need more time for casting.

We may also get an unexpected surprise regarding ‘new management’. This will also be announced soon.”

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11 thoughts on “Backstreet’s Back Alright

  1. elperrosync says:

    The only reason Nick Carter postpone is second album is because he knew that it would be another FLOP like NON. Please the BSB know that they are finish they are just trying to make a flew bucks before they go away. The Backstreet Boys are a bunch of FAKES who is only in it for the money.

    IF THIS fake news is true than teenyboppers will be happy about this.The Backstreet Boys are screwed because they do’t allow people to lip sync anymore so that will put a HOLD TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! The Backstreet Boys are the definition of a BOYBAND

  2. Hotstar says:

    Whatever they don’t need the money so they should just quit since any new album will just flop. They are too old to be called boys and the chubby one, Nick, is just embarrassing. People have moved on and they were out of the game too long, sorry boys. At least Elgato will buy their lame ass album.

  3. kellybsblover says:

    BSB have always been known for putting positive music out there for young people. In a world of war and hatred we need positive influences for the young people like BSB have always been. There also very talented. I feel sorry for the haters cause BSB are never going away.

    Actually if you go to youre COMTEMPORARY ADULT station youll here BSB all the time. the only radio stations that refuse to play them are clear channel

  4. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    Positive music for young people? Uh, I think the Black Eyed Peas have replaced BSB in that area. Maybe they’ll find another angle, BSB sucks seriously.

  5. bsg1hbk says:

    Grr I was looking forward to Nick going down to London. but besides that …..YAY!!!!!! I am so happy to hear that I can’t wait for their album I’m sure its going to be the best and worth all the wait!

  6. Someone says:

    Sure I wanted the Backstreet to be back again, but I was also waiting for Nick to come with a new material. That’s sad. After Now Or Never, I wanted more! Well, gotta wait again! Anyway, the Backstreet are finally back. This is the most important thing on all the pop music world. Because except the Backstreet Boys, I hate groups of boys.

  7. music_vibe says:

    From your username, let me guess…Nsync fan? Shoot if I’m wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of both groups. Well, I love music in general. But um….bitter, much? Yes, NON didn’t do well sales wise, but I know for a fact that Nick was ready to do another solo album from the get go; all he needed to do was finish recording and release it BUT he’s decided as well as the other group that it’s time for another group album and their break has been long enough. See, even with Justin’s success, if he really cared about his “brothers”, he’d be ready to go back to the studio and do another Nsync album. But from that Rolling Stone interview, he basically said (without really saying it) that’s Nsync is over. He’s gotten so big headed that he’s forgotten that WITHOUT Nsync, his solo would be a flop and he would just be a struggling artist. He used Nsync as a stepping stone and once success came, he’s forgotten about his “brothers”. Way to stab his “brothers” in the back, huh? And from your comments, you’re just a little bitter because unlike BSB, Nsync’s new album is still off the far distance. If not impossible. Also, please, if you’re gonna put some comments (insults), have some reasons to back them up. Sorry, but those teenybopper days, Nsync vs. BSB. “BSB sucks!” or “Nsync sucks!” is over. Let it go. Grow up.

  8. Danisha says:

    These guys are a joke, BUT I think if they may actually have a successful comeback if they comeback the way they were–doing boring, bland, vanilla, non-threatening teen pop. If these guys comeback and pull an *NSYNC-trying (and failing HARD) to do R&B and hip-hop, they’ll be laughed out of the business. They can’t convincingly pull off anything remotely urban. As long as they keep appealing to all those suburban white girls and pretty gay boys who made them household names, they may have a shot.

  9. just-me says:

    At least you admitted they’re good, in a roundabout way. BSB doesn’t need to pull an Nsync because, 1-Nsync just exist because the BSB worked hard overseas to open the doors to them. 2-Nsync COPIED everything BSB did 3-BSB have their own good taste to go to the “other” side like Nsync and Timberlake did trying to gain more fans. BSB doesn’t need that, their millions of fans are more than enough.

  10. music_vibe says:

    Wow, nice argument there. Really, better than any arguments I’ve heard before…. My likeness for Timberlake is hot and cold, but no matter what I still do like his music. Attitude wise, it’s different. If you meet him without the cameras, without any celebs without anyone associated with the industry (radio, press, etc.), then um…have fun, wait, more like good luck. I’ve been around him, more than you probably have, someone needs to tell him that he’s not God and he won’t always get what he wants just because he’s Justin Timberlake. Do I want him to create another album? Sure, why not. Everyone deserves their chance. But my point is, that he used Nsync and without Nsync you wouldn’t be a Justin fan because there would be no Justin Timberlake the “famous artist” it would just be Justin Timberlake, from Memphis. Besides, if you didn’t read carefully, what I was trying to say was Nsync is over and that the person who commented should stop being bitter and hating because Nsync is never coming back. Really. And my reasons? Justin’s the reason. For Justin, when you’re up the only way to go is down. Now, go along.

  11. Sarah says:

    hi Brian I love you I am the girl who had the ” grace of my life” poster in Newfoundland, I am a huge fan of you and Leighannne and I absolutely love your brother Harold he is so hot and amazing. I am a huge fan!!!


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