Backstreet’s Kevin Making Himself A Target For Eminem

US Weekly spoke to several stars on who they’d want to see fight on FOX’s Celebrity Boxing. of the said, “I would love to box Eminem. I would kick his ass.”

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11 thoughts on “Backstreet’s Kevin Making Himself A Target For Eminem

  1. AJsGirl4Life says:

    Woohoo! Go Kevin! I like Eminem…but seriously, Kevin WOULD kick his ass in a second when you think about it! *lol*

  2. AJsBABE says:

    go on Kevin!!! I’m sure a lot of fans will b cheering for him rather than Eminem.

  3. EmmaLovesBSB says:

    I think Kevin would kick his ass….Eminem’s all talk. I like Eminem and that but if he did ever fight Kev, one punch and he would be down…lol, nah but i do think Kev would win.


  4. EndIsNear says:

    A target for Eminem my ass!
    Kevin is a one of the most dangerous men alive, a lethal weapon, and he would destroy Eminem in a second.
    Eminem should run and hide, because from now on he’s a human target!

  5. kissforlance says:

    I agree. He only sees this as a opportunity to get free press. He knows that Eminem’s new album is going to be huge.

  6. shaunastar says:

    I don’t like either one, so I hope they just knock each other out. Now that would be something to watch!

  7. Syndney says:

    Well if Chris can be a part of a song why not get into the act. This is also US Weekly for god’s sake like I trust their re-writing of a conversation. As for getting attention back from the press, um the tabloids have that taken care of so the name of BSB is out there. Also all the members are doing things still in the public eye. MIB2 even mentions them not that great but they are mentioned. Don’t worry about the PR part they are still in there. Sorry to break that bubble.

  8. Jen says:

    Eminem is a punk. I agree with everybody, Kevin would totally kick his ass if given chance.

  9. musicperson says:

    a publicity stunt? geez, you people always come to conclusions that fast? kevin is an opinionated person, can’t he say something without someone speculating? i know some of you don’t like the man, but find a better excuse! he was just asked a question, so he answered truthfully.

  10. BsBoy says:

    You are damn right Kevin would kick Eminem’s Midget rapper ass. Eminem is all talk, he couldn’t beat up Lil Bow Wow if he wanted to. I would pay to see Feminem’s ass get whopped.

  11. RelentlessPoet23 says:

    Are y’all fucking SERIOUS? Kevin can’t tie Eminem’s shoes. Marshall grew up in Detroit. Kevin is a pansy ass bitch. Let the whole band get involved so Em can bring out d12. Y’all bunch of dumbass broads!

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