‘Bad Girls’ Author Wants Hilary And Lindsay For Film

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Alex McAulay, author of the teen novel ‘Bad Girls’, would like to see teen queen rivals Hilary Duff and star in the film version. McAuley gives both girls high praise. Of Duff, McAuley tells Jossip, “I think she could be a huge star. I think she’s actually a great actress, but a lot of her potential seems wasted. Instead of doing things like The Perfect Man (or whatever her latest film is called) she could be doing some really cool movies.” As for Lindsay, “Lindsay is a great actress, too. Nothing but praise for her in Mean Girls. I think I’ll skip Herbie, though, being about 20,000 years too old for that movie’s target demographic.”

Justin Long: Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Very Hot’

Actor Justin Long answered a few questions over at MTV.com including what it was like working with on ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’. “It was a lot of fun,” Long said. “My job on the movie was just basically to have chemistry with her–to be the dude–and it was very easy because she’s, uh, very hot, to be blunt. So, it wasn’t difficult.”

Shops And Dines In New York

Lindsay Lohan went shopping and for lunch at Barneys in New York City on Tuesday (June 21). The actress went into the store wearing a dress and came out wearing a white blouse and a hat. Lohan then ventured down to the meat packing district and into her hotel.

Pictures at abacausa.com have since been removed.

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One thought on “‘Bad Girls’ Author Wants Hilary And Lindsay For Film

  1. Warner says:

    Lindsay Lohan is in her mid twenties. She is not going to play the part of a young teenager. Sorry you are about 10 years too late for that request.

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