Ballas Hough Band Excited For Next Week’s Album Release

checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@ballashoughband) on Tuesday (March 3), a week ahead of their self-titled debut album release. The group tell readers:

We are so excited! We only have ONE WEEK left until our debut album hit stores! This is a dream come true for us and we hope that you will all support us and go get a copy. We have worked all of our lives for this moment and the excitement level is insane right now. Please help spread the word about the band and get your friends to add us now. This is crunch time and we need all of you to help us.

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One thought on “Ballas Hough Band Excited For Next Week’s Album Release

  1. Angel205 says:

    I was a bit surprised at this band. I did not expect them to be much good. I have been watching them on Dancing with the Stars and thought this was just another way for them to get noticed. They actually can sing. However, I think they are more for the younger people than the older ones. I believe teens; especially teen girls will love them. They have a blend of sounds like the Maroon 5 and the Jonas Brothers, with a little of the David Archuleta sound. I love the song, “Longing For”. You get to hear Emily Grace on this one and she is really good. Some of my favorites on this album are: “Underwater”, “Do It for You”, and “Birthday”. Mark Ballas and Derek Hough have great vocals and are very talented. Mark wrote most of the songs on the album. On “Ballas Hough Band”, all the songs had the same type of tone and style. It kind of got boring after the first few songs. Maybe they can change up a little on their next album, give adding more variety in they types of songs. I would love to hear they do some soft as well as really powerful vocals. Other than that, this is a great album and is worth its price.

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