Ballet Workout For Will Young

The Sun reports that ‘Pop Idol’ season one champ Will Young has been going to ballet classes three times a week to keep fit. “The gym is so boring,” he explained. “Ballet keeps me toned and I really enjoy it. I’m the only guy there. With my leggings and ballet shoes I’m a real Billy Elliot.”

Night Of Dancing And Drinks For Will Young

February 14, 2006 – The People reports that Will Young was snapped with the bouquet of flowers as the ‘Pop Idol’ champ and a friend emerged from a dance club in trendy Notting Hill. “They were there for a while before going to another club over the road,” a photographer observed. “It looked as though they had enjoyed a few drinks and were having a great time.”

Duets Album For Will Young?

February 11, 2006 – Will is feeling the heat from ‘X Factor’ champ Shayne Ward after sales of Young’s latest album ‘Keep On’ haven’t lived up to expectations. Now, Will is planning a duet with Charlotte Church, and the idea now is that he’ll fill an entire album with collaborations in time for Christmas.

Simon Cowell Hits Back At Will Young’s ‘X Factor’ Critique

January 23, 2006 – Ann Montini of Sky News reports that Simon Cowell is responding to talk from Will that Cowell’s ‘X Factor’ show is more about grabbing fame, not about talent. “I am guessing that record sales are not as buoyant right now hence the attack, but I hold no grudge at this point, honestly,” Cowell said.

Will Young Visits ‘GMTV Today’

January 18, 2006 – Will was on ‘GMTV Today’, where he admitted he had a few too many the previous night. Young also discussed his trip to South Africa, his Brits nomination for Best British Male, his role in ‘Mrs. Henderson Presents’, his new single ‘All Time Love’, karaoke with Charlotte Church, and touring with Take That in Robbie Williams’ place. has since removed the video.

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