Bar Fight Between Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson

Radar reports on more drama between and on/off (currently off) girlfriend Samantha Ronson, this time at Crown bar on Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

“Lindsay was trying to get Sam’s attention, but she was working and studiously ignored Lindsay,” a witness explained. “You could see Lindsay getting more and more worked up the more Sam didn’t pay her any attention. At one point Lindsay was dirty dancing with this really pretty girl right in front of Sam, obviously to try and make her jealous. Sam just got sick of it all in the end though and started taunting Lindsay about her being all drunk and messed up. She said to Lindsay, ‘Why don’t you just have another drink?’ and even told her, ‘You’re a disgrace’. That made Lindsay just totally flip out on Sam. She picked up a drink and threw it straight in her face! Sam was absolutely furious and picked up some DJ equipment that was by her and threw that at Lindsay. It was crazy!”

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Update: Both Lohan and Ronson are denying Sam is physically violent

updated her Twitter followers (@lindsaylohan) moments ago, reacting to a report in Radar that she had told someone on/off girlfriend had “beat the sh** out of her” and that the “she also said that Sam even punched and choked her one time.” The 23-year-old writes:

This is become a bit much *Samantha R never raised a hand to me, I’ve never said she did* Enough is Enough. Focus on other more important world issues

LiLo’s comments prompted Ronson to respond:

@lindsaylohan thank you for clearing that up. the high road was giving me a nose bleed! ;)

To ANYONE who perpetuates this rumor accusing me of being violently abusive after @lindsaylohan has denied it: I WILL take legal action.

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