Bar Patron Claims To Have Seen Mandy Moore Drunk

A fan on Mandy Moore’s official site message board made a shocking allegation that was spotted at Los Angeles nightclub A.D. with her pal Kelly Osbourne – and both were allegedly drunk. Wheresthepartyat said of the under-aged pair, “Ms. Moore if you are reading this, I hope you had fun that night at A.D., I was the girl in the pink shirt upstairs by the bar that was talking to Kelly… When I met you, you seemed very sweet, but drunk.” She later added, “P.S. At least I didn’t tell them who you walked out of the club with. That will be our secret.”

Takes Long Overdue Vacation

May 23, 2002 – Mandy checked in with fans on her official site message board, as many were wondering what happened to the usually active posting star. Mandy explained, “I am actually on a vacation (first time in 4 years) in Hawaii. the last few weeks I have been busy in pre-production for ‘How to Deal’. I am quite excited for the film to begin (we are at the tail-end of casting). when I get home, it’s the MTV Movie Awards and a trip to Australia to look forward to. Can’t wait!”

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3 thoughts on “Bar Patron Claims To Have Seen Mandy Moore Drunk

  1. LilMands82 says:

    Yeah I believe THIS is true. I think this girl who posted this is obviously just looking for attention. She seems to be a Mandy hater who just wants to upset her fans.

  2. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    Kelly has just about bad mouthed ever pop singer out there, but yet she’s best friends with one of the least talented pieces of pop tart trash on the market?
    And I hope whatever guy took her home got what he wanted!

  3. Danisha says:

    Blandy Bore probably WAS out with the skanky
    Kelly Osbourne getting drunk out of their minds!

    The teen pop whores have NO TALENT!!!!
    Of course they drink! That’s all they can do.

    And Kelly?
    Well we all know that in this case the apple surely doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    She certainly is her father’s daughter.
    Blandy’s no diff than Brit the twit, she’s just a better liar. The twit is a horrible liar which is why her bull crap always smacks her in her face. Until now, Blandy’s been keepin’ her bull sh*t on the DL. Look’s like the cat’s outta the bag! sa-weet!

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