Barbeque With Pink And Carey Hart

Pop star Pink and her tattooed husband Carey Hart share a tender momentPepsi Smash’s Track, episode 5 featuring sees the singer heading to Las Vegas to go have a barbeque with her hubby Carey Hart and the band. She also offered a description of her multi-talented squeeze.

“My husband is Carey Hart, and he’s a motocross freestyle athlete, connoisseur, entrepreneur, and he’s gorgeous and I like him a lot,” said about the man she married earlier this year.

Inviting everyone over to eat, described the motivation, “Carey and I use every excuse on the earth to have a barbeque. Pop singer Pink and her tattooed husband Carey Hart in the kitchen while having a barbequeWe’ve got the whole band and crew in the same city, so why not just come over to Carey’s house before the show?”

Talking about how the pair compare as party hosts, Pink said, “Carey brings a very humble, calm energy to the group, whereas I’m the more aggressive sort of outspoken wild one. You know, how could you not be calm when you’re making turkey patties and buttering corn. It’s just the perfect thing to do, that’s the domestic side of me. Of course Carey knows everything, he knows how to butter corn better than me, but whatever.”

Video of the feature at has since been removed.

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