Barlow: Britney’s ‘More Famous Than She Deserves To Be Now’

In addition to blasting to The Sun, Gary Barlow taking on the pop tart in comments to The Mirror. The star, promoting the veteran boy band’s similarly titled new album ‘The Circus’, tells 3am: “I don’t see the point of Britney anymore, she was rubbish on [‘The X Factor’]. I think she’s more famous than she deserves to be now.”

Barlow added, “Why come on a show like that and mime? I don’t like her new song either. Her old stuff was great but maybe she should have spent more time on this one.”

So far, are beating Spears in this week’s UK album chart battle, selling 133,000 copies in the first day to sit atop the mid-week charts, while Spears is at #3. Read more.

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