Barry Manilow: Britney Spears Under Too Much Pressure

Barry Manilow

World Entertainment News Network reports says Britney Spears is acting like he did when he was starting out. “Isn’t she mixed up? Too much pressure, much too young,” the 61-year-old said. “I feel for her. I was there myself once – though not with such an amazing body.” Manilow added, “I don’t get the songs, but she’s very beautiful.”

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5 thoughts on “Barry Manilow: Britney Spears Under Too Much Pressure

  1. EveryoneSucks says:

    I love how all the talented people say she’s “beautiful” but not “talented”. it’s hilarious! she puts a lot of work into her looks though.

  2. Britney1000 says:

    I agree 100% with Manilow Britney was having to deal with too much pressure on her, that´s why she took a break!

  3. rangergirl says:

    Too much pressure? Pressure to show that she has some credibility by singing competently? She can’t. She’s a fraud from the get-go. All she needs to do is cash her checks. She’s ridiculous is what she is.

  4. Potrzebie says:

    Average ?? I wish you’d come to my local grocery store (midwest USA) and pick out the 50% or so of female customers that you think are as good looking as Britney. Now in Copenhagen, Britney would be considered average – maybe a little below average.

  5. PhiSig269 says:

    I agree 100%’, ‘She does have a lot of pressure whether she has talent or not she is an Empire. Before you all hate and claim she sucks and it not an empire just think about it How many employees does she have? LOTS… Many people depend on her fiancially for employment -dancers, record label, management, lawyers, family, back up singers, producers, tour advisors, stage hands, people who work for her company, handlers, assistants, drivers, manufactuors many many many people get there paychecks through her success they depend on her and for a 22 yr old that’s a lot of pressure. Not to mention the pressure to compete with other pop stars and sell records and the pressure of being in the spot light everyday all the time. Whether she asks for it or not its a lot to handle and yea yea before you all say it well she wanted 2 be famous that’s what she gets. There is famous like Actress famous and then there famous as in America’s Pop Princess famous and it can’t always be easy and I doubt she asked to be responsible for that many people’s financial situations. If she fails and goes down a lot of people end up out of work I know I wouldn’t want all of that pressure on my shoulders at the age of 22!

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