Bartender Blasts Carson Daly On Groupie Forum

Carson Daly was slammed by a bartender on the message board at Sunday. Cera wrote:

Anybody who thinks Carson is a total sweetheart has never seen him at a strip club. He came into the one where I work (I’m a bartender, not a stripper, btw) and the girls were excited, expecting big tips like they usually get when somebody famous comes in. Well, the tips weren’t big, but his ego sure as hell was. He was obnoxious and rude, touching the dancers (which is a strict no-no, very illegal) and getting all pissy when he was asked (very politely) not to. He hired one of the girls for a private dance, and told her flat out to suck his di**–which she wouldn’t do–and got very abusive and mean when she refused, basically calling her a whore. This was when he was engaged to Tara Reid, too. Thank God she saw the light before it was too late and dumped his bloated ass.

But I’m sure when the cameras are on, or when he’s at official functions he’s sweet as candy–he’s an entertainer, that’s kind of his job to pretend to be what the public wants him to be. But in real life–he’s a major tool.

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2 thoughts on “Bartender Blasts Carson Daly On Groupie Forum

  1. Britneyfever12021 says:

    Carson IS a prick..I saw him at the Mardi Gras special which I attended and omg he was such an ass, he didn’t even wanna be there!

  2. hondababer says:

    I know, I saw him a few years ago at Wanna be A VJ, and he was a total asshole
    I mean, he didn’t sign one autograph for all this poor girls..
    I thought he was ugly. EW!

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