Beauties & The Beast

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After researching a few things about today’s music, I have come to see that people want and gone. Why? Well there are plenty of reasons. In this ‘music’ industry I think of them as the beauties while many of the others are just beastly. Here’s why.

Britney & Christina are two gorgeous women. They are young, beautiful, and powerful and that makes many girls jealous. In a world of rap and want to be pop punks these two are definitely different. Listening to someone like Beyonce then Christina? Forget about it. Even the world’s most powerful female singers can’t compare to Christina’s strong voice. Then there’s Britney. Nobody can do ‘Britney’ as well as she can, no matter how hard they try. While her voice maybe a little on the weak side, she still has unique chops that flow so nicely with her music.

Out of everyone who sings Britney & Christina are among the most hated. However Britney has seen all four of her albums debut at #1 and has sold over 60 million albums and 23 million singles worldwide and Christina Aguilera has sold over 30 million albums worldwide as well as 18 million singles. If everybody hates them so, then why are they selling. They are also huge award winners. Millions of fans in the U.S. voted for the 2004 Teen Choice Awards which saw Britney win, ‘Choice Single of The Year.’ The recording academy thought ‘Beautiful,’ by Christina was the top female vocal of the year, earning her the Best Female Pop Vocal Grammy.

Now if they are so bad where are all of these sales coming from? Britney’s, ‘Onyx Hotel Tour,’ saw 96.3% of the tickets sell for the first leg and the ticket sales for the now canceled leg saw an improvement! 97.0% of the tickets were sold and a few venues sold out in less then 25 minutes. Christina had over 70% of some of her venues sold and her last tour, ‘Justified Stripped,’ co-headlined by Justin Timberlake saw over 95% of the seats filled with over 10 sellouts.

Countless magazines chose these girls as their cover stars, they are always the one wanted on the red carpet, and these two women are the only two who can make jaws drop. However they are hated by some and snubbed by the other. But when they kissed they didn’t complain. When they read their tabloid articles they don’t complain. So why hate?

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