David Beckham Buys Victoria A Heart Painting

The Sunday People reports former Spice Girl received a painting of a heart costing $400,000 from hubby David for their wedding anniversary last week. “Victoria was absolutely overjoyed with the gift – she thought it was beautiful,” a source close to the couple revealed. “She knew that it was a very expensive Damien Hirst work and was really chuffed that David had been so thoughtful.”

Damon Dash Intro’s New Posh Track Feat MOP

Damon Dash stopped by 1Xtra in London Saturday night to talk with Semtex about what’s goin’ on at the Roc, all his multiple projects he’s got going on, and the main reason he was their, to introduce the debut cut he produced for former Spice Girl featuring MOP. He got kinda miffed at those questioning whether Posh might bring down MOP. He says, “How can anybody shake their heads at Dame Dash?” and “Know that I’m never, ever gonna do nothin’ corny.” Audio has since been removed at BBC.co.uk.

Posh Hires Manager Sacked By Spice Girls

The Sun reports is recruiting Simon Fuller, the man sacked by the Spice Girls to save her solo singing career. A source at Fuller’s 19 Management told the paper, “It is exciting times for Victoria. She is going home to the man who made her famous. Simon reckons he can make her the biggest singing star in Britain and give her real impact in America as well. With Victoria and David he will look after a lot of television and magazine deals.”

Naomi Says She Loves Posh

Naomi Campbell and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham have settled their beef and the supermodel tells Glamour magazine they’re now great friends, modelling together for the Rocawear clothing line. “I love her. I spoke to her yesterday in New York. She’s really bright and a hard worker. We did a campaign together that comes out in autumn,” Naomi said. “Victoria’s very honest. I really like my friendship with her. It’s genuine. We have a giggle and I’m happy for her. She’s a singer, a wife and mother and she’s got a lot of energy.”

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