Becky Ryan’s ‘It’s A New Day Today’ Aka The Meredith Vieira Song

Could NBC’s ‘Today’ show do for ‘It’s A New Day Today’ what Volkswagon did for the 1980s Trio song ‘Da, Da, Da’? Popdirt has done some investigating and learned the annoyingly addicting tune drilled into our heads every morning for the past few months ahead of Meredith Vieira’s introduction as the ‘Today’ co-anchor on Wednesday is performed by 615 Music’s Becky Corcoran, aka Becky Ryan.

The full-length version of the NBC commissioned was featured in a highlight reel of Vieira’s September 13th debut, viewable at (update: it since has been removed).

‘Today’ associate producer Ryan Osborn said of the song/video on his blog this morning: “Music video wraps up morning. Who doesn’t love these? Amazing someone crashed this together during the show. Very cool. I think the term is earworm when you just can’t get a song out of your head. ‘It’s a New Day’ is definitely one of those songs.”

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