Bee Gees Question Brother’s Treatment

Barry and Robin Gibb tell BBC News they’re perplexed as to how their brother Maurice Gibb had been treated in a hospital for a stomach blockage, only to apparently die from another illness.

The Bee Gees star said, “We will pursue every factor, every element, every second of the timeline, of the final hours of Maurice’s life. We will pursue that relentlessly. That will be our quest from now on.”

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One thought on “Bee Gees Question Brother’s Treatment

  1. shivakumar says:

    umm ,unlike other fans ,who pass the beautiful memory of your musical collections evaded by any new artist or album ,i embedded you in my heart for ever ,as ,inspiration to classical music was sown in me by you ,the gibb brothers ,even now when I hear you album ,especially this is for you barry ,as you,re the one left,it aches the death of maurice an drobin ,we can earn any thing in this worls except this lovly personalities,wht else could I say ,i don’t have words barry ,as you don’t ahve to worry as you ahve won ,millions of sisters and brothers who ,laugh and cry for you , and i,m one amoung them bye

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