Before And After Justin, Britney Wanted Nick Carter

Contributed by XTremeKaos: has an audio of Nick Carter on Atlanta’s Q100 radio station this past week. Included in the interview are the star’s thoughts on Britney Spears (revealing she used to want him, and called him several times after Britney and of broke up), Timberlake himself, his alleged “kids”, new movies, and more. The site has since shut down.

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10 thoughts on “Before And After Justin, Britney Wanted Nick Carter

  1. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Oh this must be true, considering that Nick Carter is such a hottie…*snicker*

  2. popnicklover says:

    Yeah, he IS a hottie…more than Justin Timberlake is!

  3. perfectly-imperfect says:

    I know you’re a fan so I’ll be nice, but I personally think neither is all that.

  4. rachel says:

    BRITNEY I am very disappointed!!!!! The way to make Justina jealous is not to be with Nick Carter, there is no rivalry anymore, there used to be but Justina’s solo album totally gave Nick the shut down. I must admit Nick has a better personality.

  5. clayfan says:

    I cannot download this interview, as I’m at work … can someone enlighten me with the salient points?? I’m especially interested in the mention of “kids” … is someone claiming to have Nick’s love child?

  6. XTremeKaos says:

    I don’t think it was like that. Britney liked Nick before her and Justin started dating, and called him after they broke up as well. She may very well have had (maybe still has) a genuine affection for him.

  7. JnChrisFan1 says:

    hmm….I wonder, he said that she called him when they broke up (Justin and Britney) and Nick was suppose to go out to the Pepsi race car thing that she was doing, but said I’m not going all the way to the West Coast for that…. Wasn’t her Pepsi thing back when she did that MTV Diary thing….I wonder if they broke up at that time and nobody knew, who knows? But that’s pretty interesting, why would he lie Nick is pretty straight forward and honest doesn’t really beat around the bush…haha now his prank call to Justin and Britney is even more hilarious

  8. Smile says:

    For anyone who was wondering, Nick does NOT have a child. Just wanted to clear that up. lol I don’t blame Britney for liking him. It has nothing to do with him being sexy or not, he’s a nice guy and it would be easy to find yourself attracted to someone like him.

  9. XTremeKaos says:

    You have a really good point there, and that wasn’t something I thought about. But I remember seeing part of that on MTV. As for Nick, he’s said a few times he thinks she is pretty but doesn’t want to be with her, which is evident because obviously he’s had the chance many times to pursue it if he chose to do so and said he wouldn’t go to the West Coast for that. Nick isn’t known for being dishonest, especially with the fans, until he does something to question that I believe what he says. Honestly I don’t find it surprising. Britney has said one of her favorite albums was BSB’s Millennium…she’s been at events with different Boys (including Nick) and gotten along well. Maybe if she was saying she hated them it would be different, but I think this is pretty interesting. What floors me is that she was interested before AND after she was with Justin…and perhaps even- during?

  10. popnicklover says:

    So why did she go out with Justin in the first place? She and Nick should’ve just hooked up! They would’ve made a MUCH cuter couple…and maybe their relationship would have turned out better. I know for sure Nick wouldn’t have used Britney for promotion, the way Justin did.

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