Being A Celebrity Isn’t All That Dramatic

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Lately there have been these essays about how “trashy” that looks because she has acne and wears the same clothes and shops randomly at 7-11 and such, and I notice how some of you reply by saying things like, “Leave her alone! Imagine being in her shoes! She has been spending 6 years at trying to look flawless and beautiful 24/7 for 6 hours each day to look perfect! Imagine being in her shoes and then make an opinion!”

Well, you know what, Britney is not alone. Every celebrity has to go through the exact same routine at looking flawless all the time for the public, the media, and the cameras. And you know what, that’s why there are these hard working (and rich) people called hairstylists and make up artists that do the work for them, as well as the wardrobe people, jewelry people, etc. who pretty much make this flawless human being that we see at the red carpet. Some of you wacko fans act as if Britney stands in front of the mirror for 3 hours a morning and 3 hours a night in her home plucking her eyebrows, curling her eyelashes, doing her hair, putting on her lipstick, putting on her makeup, and strolling around the mall in disguise to find the perfect outfit and paying for it out of her own wallet.

I could understand if Britney is tired of putting on all the makeup and such and just wants to take a stroll wearing a baseball cap, baggy pants, and a T-shirt that says I LOVE KEVIN, that’s just normal, and hey, she’s human. If I were her I would be tired of it too. Who would want to constantly look flawlessly beautiful anyway? But you don’t need to have a million bucks or be a famous celebrity to just go out and look nice and presentable, whether cameras are following you or not. It’s not that difficult. As for the acne thing, sure, she’s human, and she can’t help it. But some of you fans act as if it can’t be helped. With all that money Britney has, she can get the best acne products out there that we can’t ever get our hands on, and besides, how hard is it to just put on some creme or whatever for your acne problems? It’s not impossible to get rid of them, there is no permanent cure for them, but they can be prevented for a long, long time depending on what treatment is best for you and how intense your acne is. So please, stop with the drama people, being a celebrity like Britney isn’t all that dramatic.

I think some of you are defending Britney because it’s Britney. I bet if it were walking about with huge red zits on his face you would be saying or at least thinking, “With all the money he has, and him knowing that he will be photographed, there is no excuse for him to go out looking like that!” Or if it were walking barefoot at a supermarket or whatever and having her hair all over the place and wearing just baggy jeans and a tank top with ketchup and mustard stains on it, you would be saying, “She’s trashy! At least Britney doesn’t go around looking like that!” You know you would be thinking things like that, just like some people that are thinking that there is no excuse for Britney to look that indecent knowing that she will be followed and photographed.

So instead of saying for us to be in Britney’s shoes, look through a different perspective and imagine another artist (who you either dislike or aren’t a fan of) doing what Britney has been doing lately and then make an honest opinion.

P.S. And NO, I am not a Christina fan (for those of you that assume that every negative Britney essay is written by a Christina fan), and no, I am not “jealous” of Britney (for some of those of you that think that criticism = jealousy). Some of you should define “jealousy”, because it’s a silly notion that some of you think that just because somebody criticizes a celebrity, or anybody, that they are “jealous”. I criticized Monica Lewinsky, and guess what, I criticize William Hung, oooh let me guess, I am jealous of them right? I am just somebody that has something to say about this, I am not a fan of Britney, Christina, or Justin even, so some of you grow up and accept the fact that some of us on here can make an opinion without feeling as if we have to defend an artist on just one side and viewpoint.

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One thought on “Being A Celebrity Isn’t All That Dramatic

  1. PL says:

    great article.. who cares what anyone thinks about anyone. People just need to talk about someone elses faults so they don’t need to look or deal w themselves and theyre lives.

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