Being An Artist Vs. Being An Entertainer

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I just wanted to clear something. What is your definition of an artist? An entertainer? Because sometimes I find that some people use the term “artist” so loosely on people who aren’t really artist. For example, most of the pop stars out there, like Hillary Duff, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez. They are entertainers. Clowns are entertainers. DJ’s are entertainers. Would you call a clown or a DJ an artist? I wouldn’t. An artist is somebody that actually has a goal to continuously make their music define good music that’s fresh, new, and profound. To put it simply, an artist is somebody that is more involved with their music than with the media, paparazzi, and superficial aspects of the music business.

For example, Norah Jones, Bjork, and Alicia Keys are artists. They simply present their music, and they continuously show their talents based on mainly their music, not by trying to get as much attention from the paparazzi that they want. In other words, artists are the ones that trust their natural talents and trust in their music, and they use their talents to gain them credibility and attention, not on photo shoots, paparazzi, and other stuff to do all of that for them. An entertainer is somebody that simply entertains, they aren’t trying to be deep, they aren’t trying to break limits musically, and they just want to entertain, make people happy, and do what’s popular and what’s hot at the moment. An artist wouldn’t care for all that stuff, an artist doesn’t care about what’s hot, they are independent people who will go with what their hearts tell them, and where an entertainer will just follow whatever is hot for them and whatever gives them lots of headlines. Now, an artist doesn’t necessarily have to write their own lyrics, but they must have something that says that they truly care about the music, whether that be shown through them playing an instrument or even writing one song.

So anyways, do you see the difference now? I am not saying that what I’m saying is a fact, at the end it’s all based on your opinions, and unlike many people on here, I am not going to act as if my opinion speaks for everyone. I just think that many music celebrities out there don’t deserve to be called an artist when they don’t really put that much input in the music, the lyrics, etc. I admire artist for what they do, but I admire entertainers too. At the end guys, it is all meant for listening pleasure. If you are one of those types that isn’t into listening to an artist that has deep lyrics and powerful vocals, and listening to an artist that just provides good dance music that makes you happy, than be proud of that, that’s your taste in music and it doesn’t mean you are a teeny bopper. And for those that prefer to listen to real music with deep lyrics and an artist with a great voice at that, and don’t prefer just plain pop with the same messages or whatever, than good for you, that’s your taste in music. Why can’t we all just accept that? At the end guys, it is just music.

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5 thoughts on “Being An Artist Vs. Being An Entertainer

  1. Kevin says:

    @Anonymous – Although this post was written over six years ago, I think it is as true as ever today.

    I see your distinction between entertainers and artists. I definitely prefer artists over entertainers and furthermore do not appreciate it when those around me insist on having “dance” music that promotes sex, drugs, and money. I believe this music is responsible for creating a chaotic and meaningless mainstream culture.

    Again, this is just my opinion. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well @Anonymous.

  2. BS says:

    This is so stupid. Acts such as Norah Jones and Britney Spears cater to two completely different demographics. Even then, people who see such artists still like to be entertained and that’s what they do when they go to these bitches’ concerts. Be entertained.

  3. Alex says:

    An artist is someone who creates within one’s medium. For example, a recording artist would produce an album, a songwriter would write a song, or a ceramics artist would make a particularly odd clay pot.

    Entertainers are the people who deliver this to the public for their consumption. Most entertainers have some level of artistry. As a musician, I don’t write material. But I improvise heavily (art) and play songs that *I* like to play for people, and the people who come see me share those tastes and are entertained. Further, every performance is a challenge against one’s self and the energy that transfers between the performer and the audience can never be repeated; once a moment is gone, it’s gone. In that way, being an entertainer is a form of art.

  4. Alex says:

    Also I think how you’re defining entertainer is wrong. Paparazzi and attention from headlines have zero to do with being an entertainer — what you’re describing is a celebrity. And celebrity can be achieved as an artist, entertainer, or both.

  5. V says:

    An artist can be an entertainer. It is that easy ;)

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