Being Called Girls Aloud’s ‘Ugly One’ Hurtful To Nicola Roberts

is responding to , and many others who have called her the “ugly one” in . “I’ve had people say that to me for five years now,” Nicola tells OK! magazine. “She called me ‘the ugly one’ because she couldn’t remember my name so she must really think I’m ugly. It did get to me, but I’ve almost got used to it. The first time I was called ugly was when I was 16 and for a girl of that age coming into a world like this, it was heartbreaking.” The 21-year-old added, “I was still a child. And being told I was the ugly one of the five girls is so hurtful. The other girls are gorgeous and pretty, I’m more quirky.”

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9 thoughts on “Being Called Girls Aloud’s ‘Ugly One’ Hurtful To Nicola Roberts

  1. toxicboy says:

    but she is ugly

  2. Steve says:

    Horrible, she isn’t ugly I’d tap that!

  3. CC says:

    No she’s not! I’m a girl and I think she’s gorge and unique looking! The most unique looking girl in pop! :)

  4. Sophie says:

    She is SO not ugly. I think she is the prettiest of the group.

  5. jordan says:

    I think whoever doesn’t like Nicola has a bad taste, because I adore her

  6. la-di-da says:

    I think she’s pretty! Just as lovely as the others, in my opinion, except Cheryl.

  7. Lucio says:

    I can’t believe this!! I so hate it when they call her ugly!! Can’t you guys see how wonderfully pretty she is? OMG! I love Nadine,so she comes second, but come on, saying that she is Ugly, or whatever is so tacky, such a rude thing. How dare Ms. Allen say that? Nicola is much more prettier than her.

  8. Andrew says:

    Nicola has both inner and outer beauty,and she is the best proportioned,(please Nicola never have a nose job) on popstars I believe she had the best voice and at only 16,she will go further than the others for sure.

  9. John says:

    Nicola, you are absolutely stunning and don’t let anyone tell you different.

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