Being Negative Vs. Hating

Contributed Anonymously:

I just want to get some things straight. Some of you seem to take things wrong. When somebody is being negative, you call them “haters”, and assume that they’re bad. Well, first of all, if you can’t grasp the fact that there are different perspectives out there, then you might as well go to a different website, like or or something. Negative comments on an artist don’t always mean that the person is shallow or mean. And it doesn’t always have to mean a bad thing either.

I find it annoying that some of you Britney Spears fans whine and say, “Oh everybody always has something negative to say about Britney…” Well, if you are complaining that much, than why do you come on here? Why not go to a fan site where you will get lots of conversations with fluffy goody goody talk where nobody speaks for themselves? I mean seriously, some of you act as if Britney is the only one that gets negative comments about her.

Every celebrity gets some bad comments sometimes, just because they’re negative doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. This is the real world people, some of you need to suck up and be real. What’s great about being on here is that there are different perspectives and viewpoints out of people….its nice to see who stands out as mature, or stupid, or funny, or immature, or just plain delusional.

If everybody said the same thing like “oh I think Britney is a great person,” or “oh I think Christina Aguilera is a sweetheart,” or “oh I think Jennifer Lopez is the best person ever,” would any of us even bother to speak for ourselves? Be real, that would be so boring. This is a world where people will have a say on things, and it’s not always going to be all negative, or all positive, that’s just life, you can’t always whine every single time you hear somebody say something negative about your favorite artist or celebrity. If you can’t grasp that, than it just shows your lack of accepting the real world, and your lack of just accepting other people’s view points without bashing people for it.

This goes with all fans of somebody that complains about how somebody always has something negative to say about somebody. Get over it! This is life, stop acting as if Britney, Christina, or whoever are the only ones that get negative comments all the time. Some of you seriously need to grasp that concept and learn to just chill, not everybody is going to say something nice all the time about anything. If you are going to whine so much than go to a fan site or something where all you will hear is just nice goody tooshy fluff. And stay there, be happy, end of story.

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