Bellamy & Daly Recall Mariah Before The Crazy Days

Comedian Bill Bellamy was on ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ on Friday night where they recalled first working together at MTV when Carson was a newbie on the network, and the first big guest on Carson’s ‘MTV Live’ program, Mariah Carey. Read on for a brief transcript.

Carson: When I got to new york when I was hired, it was me. I was the new guy and they really didn’t know what to do with me. They gave me this hour show, ‘MTV Live’, and it was just me and it was kind of stupid. And then they booked Mariah Carey. And I was brand new and she was a huge name. And it was like, what do we do, and they brought Bill in. And so, the show was so incredibly — it was awkward for, well for me, a little bit, because you were like the man. And so it was me, and it was just like, “All right, welcome to the show.” “It’s great to have you here.” “And we have a huge guest today, Mariah Carey’s here.” “And Bill Bellamy.” Do you remember —

Bill: Yeah, and you were like —

Carson: And I would just be like, “Uh and, Bill, you know Mariah, of course.” And Bill’s like, “Thanks, Ccarson.” “Mariah, what’s up, baby?” “How you doing?” [Laughter] “I’m sorry I couldn’t call you back and how’s your dad and how’s your mom?” And this was Mariah and Bill here, and after ten minutes of talking, he would just be like, “That’s funny, man.” “Ain’t that funny, Carson?” And I go, “That is, bill.” “We’ll be right back with more of Bill Bellamy and Mariah Carey.” [Laughter] That was the whole show.

Bill: We had Mariah before she went crazy, man.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Yeah, she went crazy.

Mariah: We had the 100% — she wasn’t even crazy yet. Did we even know?

Carson: No, there was no early warning signs.

Bill: She wasn’t like buggin’.

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