Ben Affleck Defends ‘Bad Movie’ ‘Gigli’

Reuters reports that Ben Affleck blamed a “perfect storm” of tabloid news, negative Internet buzz, and a just plain bad movie to the spectacular failure of ‘Gigli’ which featured his fiance Jennifer Lopez. “(The movie) wasn’t good and we got buried,” Affleck told reporters at an interview for the upcoming film, ‘The Battle of Shaker Heights.’ “I think there is good work in it, scene by scene. I think the acting is good — it’s a different character for me, but I don’t think ultimately the movie held up as a whole.” Affleck refused to address his recent visit to a strip club where strippers have alleged he engaged in sexual acts with them.

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3 thoughts on “Ben Affleck Defends ‘Bad Movie’ ‘Gigli’

  1. SJ says:

    The Battle of Shaker Heights.’…. is that Bennifer’s new movie?… Come on now… we’ve had enough of battles and wars. Give it up you moron! Bennifer wants to be a whore?… let him be a whore…. Jennifer thought him! LOL @ stupid ass movie ‘Gigli’

  2. grprincess says:

    What an ass. I like how he praises himself and J.Ho saying there was good acting and blamed it on the movie. Didn’t you he read the script you idiot? No one cares about your new movie.

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    For someone that won for “Best Screenplay” he sure has no intellect about keen dialogue, plot, and acting in a movie!! If only he looked at this movie for it’s real awful TRUTH: c’mon, it was a movie about a mob enforcer who couldn’t hurt a fly and had such a bad Brooklyn accent, stealing a retarded kid like stealing candy from a baby, then meeting a “lesbian” that comes out of nowhere to babysit him that does yoga and talks about peace of mind, yet talks about beating his ass (and never doing it), and has sex with him after she takes her lesbian ex-lover to a hospital. NOBODY, not even Halle Barry, could make this movie a GOOD movie. The movie is just beyond logic. They are making retardation and lesbianism into more of a “phase” that could easily be “cured” when somebody with mystical powers of converting a lesbian straight comes along to touch their heart. There was absolutely nothing convincing that the whole story is even real. The movie is all about our “perfect celebrity couple” BENNIFER (yuck that’s so annoying), who also didn’t take the effort to get out of their own shells and convince us that their characters are actually mob enforcers. They redefined the term “romantic murder comedy” into a very very HUGE joke. If Ben just looked at this movie for what it really is instead of convincing himself that she and him are “good together” and that there was “good acting” , maybe this whole media circus would have been avoided.

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