Ben Affleck Discusses Jennifer Lopez Romance On ‘Larry King Live’

Jennifer Lopez 2004Ben Affleck was on ‘Larry King Live’ on Tuesday (March 16) chatting about his new movie ‘Jersey Girl’ and his very public romance and break-up with Jennifer Lopez. Asked to expand on his thoughts that prejudice was involved in people’s perceptions of his relationship with J.Lo, Affleck said, “I think it’s a little more complicated than just a sense of like people are prejudiced. What I mean by that is that part of the fascination was here I am, this white guy from Boston, and people saw her as this Latin woman from New York, and I think it was the — people didn’t exactly expect us to be together. It more had to do with our — we still, I think, as a society generally assume that people will be with people who are like them. And when that doesn’t happen, I think it engenders — I don’t know if it’s prejudice in a negative way, it just engenders an additional interest, additional curiosity. I think it was one of the factors that fueled a certain amount of curiosity about that. I think — but, you know, it’s really — it still continues to confound me. I wouldn’t pretend to have all the answers about what people thought or what they were interested in or what the big deal was.” Check out the entire transcript here.

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2 thoughts on “Ben Affleck Discusses Jennifer Lopez Romance On ‘Larry King Live’

  1. rangergirl says:

    It sounds like he’s saying because he was involved in an interracial relationship that contributed to the public’s fascination. Well, maybe but Jennifer was wildly popular before. He had also broken up with another celebrity , Gwenyth, so the media loves celebrity romances. When Jennifer was with Puffy, she was hounded by the paparazzi before Ben. Plus, I don’t think, she was engaged to Puffy(P. Diddy).

  2. Carrie says:

    He becomes more of an IDIOT each day. People are fascinated with J Lo period not him. Why? because she’s a Puerto Rican girl whose broken all kinds of barriers and is not afraid to cross any racial barriers to go for what she wants whether it be love or career. There has never been anyone in Hollywood at all like her. She loved Puffy and probably still does and this is an African American man who is one of the most richest guys who came from nowhere. She gave Ben a chance, fell in love with him and all he knows how to do is make fun of her and the romance they shared. That is why I’ve lost all respect for Ben. He should let go of her already and not talk about her at all.

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