Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Attend Wes Clark Fundraiser

The New York Daily News reports Ben Affleck and fiance turned out to listen to Presidential hopeful Wesley Clark make his pitch Sunday night at a Hollywood fund-raiser. “Ben thinks very highly of Clark,” a pal revealed. “He’s not ready to endorse anyone, but he’s leaning toward him.” An endorsement would be a blow to Affleck’s home state Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts.

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3 thoughts on “Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Attend Wes Clark Fundraiser

  1. B0rntoplay says:

    Cool, I like Clark…we need someone who was in our Armed Forces to be President. He was a general for so many years, including our time in Vietnam, and if anyone should be making decisions about war, it should be someone with experience. Know what I mean? I wonder why all these celebrities tend to be liberal…the richer people get, the more they tend to lean toward the right wing. The exception always seems to be celebrities. I wonder.

  2. MistySl says:

    Knock, Knock, Whose There…Bennifer? Bennifer WHO’, ‘a). Big Movie Flopped b). Last 3 singles Flopped (the one & I’m Glad & Baby I love U) c) Press are bored with you..have you heard of Justin and Cameron or Britney and Madonna d) Your peep show is over,,,all you need now is an underground porno like Paris Hilton to be in the spotlight again…maybe then they’ll find Matt Damon shares a bed with you 2

  3. YogiBear says:

    Clark is not even a Democrat (yet)!!!!!!! He’s choosing to play a Democrat to get the nomination, like Bloomberg pretends to be Republican when he’s really a Democrat. I wouldn’t vote for Clark if he was the only candidate running. He’s nothing but a Clinton slave.

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