Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Pick Up Pickup

The Savannah Morning News has more details on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s recent visit to Liberty Chrysler Dodge in Hinesville where they picked up a pickup truck. Salesman Greg Stanley got a call from a guy identifying himself as Ben, who said, “I’m looking for a loaded Dodge Ram off-road, four-wheel drive pickup truck. Do you have any on the lot?” Stanley did have one on the lot, and later in the day, a Range Rover pulled in followed by a small army of photographers. Stanley admitted, “It was nerve-wracking as I tried to explain everything to them as photographers were snapping our picture. I’ve never had to conduct business under these conditions.” Read more, including a photo of Affleck with Stanley next to the truck, here.

Jennifer Lopez Afraid Someone’s Following Her

September 25, 2003 – David Letterman joked during his Late Show monologue on Wednesday night, “This just made my skin crawl. The arctic ice shelf is breaking up. Isn’t it strange that everyone knows about Ben and J. Lo breaking up but no one cares about the arctic ice shelf breaking up?! Their wedding was called off over the weekend. Then yesterday they were spotted together in Georgia getting a license for a gun. J.Lo said they got the license because she was afraid that someone was following her – turns out it was just her big ass!”

Ben & Jennifer Go Through The Motions

September 25, 2003 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were spotted at a courthouse in Savannah, Georgia on Monday, you probably heard about this. Turns out, this was a previously scheduled trip to file for divorce, then they realized, ‘Oh, we haven’t gotten married yet.’ See they went through the motions.”

J.Lo’s Flack Says She May Still Marry Ben Affleck

September 25, 2003 – Jennifer Lopez’s publicist, Dan Klores, says the diva and Ben Affleck may still tie the knot or may split up. “I think they are working things out and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re back together,” Klores told ABC News Radio. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they got married and I wouldn’t be surprised if they took some time apart.”

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