Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Visit Hot Wheels Haven

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, and Jen’s mother Guadalupe took a Palms limo on Monday to the new Hot Rod Hill Plaza in Henderson to check out some “muscle” cars. Tom Calabrese, owner of the GR8AUTO Classic Car Showroom, said Lopez climbed behind the wheel of “Eleanor,” the nickname given to a souped-up 1967 Mustang made famous in ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’.

Gym Members Don’t Stand For Diva Rules From J.Lo

October 24, 2003 – The National Enquirer reports was recently staying at a condo and wanted the gym all to herself so they banned members during certain hours of the evening. The members decided to stay there when they were supposed to leave. J.Lo got the hint and left the gym.

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5 thoughts on “Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Visit Hot Wheels Haven

  1. kiki says:

    Why is she doing this to herself? Jennifer is you are listening, STOP.

  2. fantasylover says:

    Looks like they are back to their spending habits again. If they are not fame whoring, they are spending and gambling, if they aren’t spending and gambling, they are fame whoring. In her mind, she probably thinks that money and gifts equal love.

  3. shadybaby says:

    You know everybody’s gotta stop dissing my girl J.lo.You don’t wanna mess with Bronx chicas and you know my girl has everything and don’t be all jealous because my girl has the ring the booty and the life so stop hating and start appreciating.

  4. Carrie says:

    Oh my God. These two are crazy. So fine, let them spend all their money on cars. They got the dough, but I’m afraid for Jen. I just read the new US Weekly and I think she is out of her mind. This man dumps her nearly at the altar and she begs him to take her back and says he’s the perfect man. This man is a womanizer, a cheater, a gambler, an alcoholic and he’s the perfect man. My opinion, I’m afraid for her. She needs professional help. There’s a change in her. Maybe he’s threatened her in someway that she’s this loyal after he’s been so bad to her. Maybe she’s divulged too much info and is afraid of him. I just don’t know. This relationship scares me. I just hope she doesn’t end up like Marilyn Monroe.

  5. fantasylover says:

    Carrie, if you can, can you fill me in on what it said in Us Weekly? Thanks.

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