Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Redneck Makeover’ Continues

The New York Daily News hears that and Ben Affleck, just after picking up a gun and gun license, picked out a pickup truck at a dealership in Savannah, Georgia on Wednesday. No word if the truck included an optional gun rack.

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10 thoughts on “Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Redneck Makeover’ Continues

  1. fantasylover says:

    I wonder what liberal Hollywood is going to say about this? I really don’t even think Hollywood is going to respect the both of them anymore, because they are just acting like a couple of clowns. And Ben’s mom, I know she isn’t happy with this, him buying a gun and hooking up with Jlo again. This whole relationship is like watching a train wreck.

    I just saw I E! that they were spotted buying baby books, baby clothes, and cribs. I don’t know if it is true or not, but why the hell would they plan on having kids with their relationship in such a fragile state, and with a 2 million dollar wedding just cancelled? She also has a subpoena to appear in the stripper case in which the stripper- not Ben himself, is suing the Enquirer. Why would she want kids with him after he humiliated her so much? She needs to get some self esteem, and I hope that they don’t bring any children into this world, number one, we wont hear the end of it, and two, kids don’t need to be with a couple that seem as messed up as these two are.

    And like I said time and time again. You don’t open a flood gate and don’t expect water to come out, and then close it when it is pouring on you. Why do people need to feel sympathy for those two when they are the ones that basically marketed their relationship with kissing pictures and gushing interviews for the last year?!? They cannot expect to make people look at them and then blame people for them being looked at too much! If they wanted a private relationship, they could have got one, but they chose to take the public route, and they got it. They didn’t leave the public alone, and now we, the public are crazy for scrutinizing their overexposed selves? I am no fan of the media, because I do think that they tend to pry into people’s personal lives, but only the personal lives of celebs that actually have a personal life. Bennifer has been very inviting to the press with their relationship for a long time now, they basically publicized their own relationship, and I think it is very hypocritical for them to scowl at the media when they have been so open to the media themselves. And I don’t pity them one bit. They made their bed, they lie in it. Period.

  2. YogiBear says:

    Maybe they’ll stay in Georgia forever.

  3. niceg says:

    They are buying the guns to hunt down MCarey and her lamb-hos.

  4. Carrie says:

    Love really makes fools of people. Jen hasn’t woken up from her Afflecktion state. She should never have spoken to this jerk after he dumped her literally at the altar. Where’s her pride. And why does he keep on coming back. If you don’t love the girl, stay away, stop torturing her. It’s funny that Gynwneth also feels that Benny boy tortured her. She eluded he tortured her emotionally in a quote that I read this week in the NY Post. He’s got problems. You don’t love someone, let them go. Somebody in his camp needs to drill this into him.

  5. musikluver says:

    like it or not.. their two powerful people in the entertainment world, so of course when they got together there would be media frenzy.. although Ben and Jen created a lot of the media hype, the media has gotten outta control! as for their relationship.. media and people think they know.. but no one really knows except them.. I u/s people being interested, but not fanatical like the media has been. they just proved in Georgia that we didn’t know sh**.. they may even be fooling the media, like drew and tom did. I don’t like J-lo at all, I do like Ben, but I don’t know much about him personally.. they are an attractive couple, and hopefully they can remain together and have a fulfilling life with kids if that’s what they want despite all the fanatics out there.. crazy people… leave them alone!

  6. grprincess says:

    Don’t you guys get it?? Wake up-they never broke up. They planned a fake wedding, a fake breakup, now a fake reconciliation all just to get attention. I bet the strip club visit was planned by both of them. They just want to cause some drama so people care about them. I think this is J.Ho’s doing. And of course she is making herself to be the wronged one so people feel sorry for her lose her demanding bad image. Enough of these two losers.

  7. rachel says:

    Hey that is an insult, there is nothing redneck about owning a gun and having a truck. Basically everyone in Georgia has a gun, I am totally against it but what are going to do about it. That is the mentality but owning a gun and truck doesn’t make you a redneck.

  8. Carrie says:

    I guess she likes being tortured because that’s what he’s doing. She’s bizarre that way. I think that’s why she loved Diddy also because he played her. Good guys do not challenge her so she spits them out. Honestly, I don’t feel sorry for her. She knew Ben was a player and took the chance. What could possibly have made her think he’d be loyal to her beats the heck out of me.

  9. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    nah everyone in SOUTHERN Georgia has a gun…lol in northern Georgia almost no one has one *nods* But I agree…Owning and a gun and truck doesn’t make you a redneck. ‘You might be a redneck…’ gotta love Jeff Foxworthy :P

  10. musikluver says:

    I live in Georgia , and have all my life. not everyone in Georgia is a redneck and has a gun. but I will say Georgia is full of rednecks especially in Hinesville where they are.. the only places you can escape rednecks in Georgia is in downtown Atlanta and savannah. which you have some trying to set up home there too. look at the sheriff.. that’s a redneck.. but, nothing wrong with that! Ben does have a redneck mentality though.. I don’t know how J-lo will handle that considering she grew up in NY and has lived in the city all her life.

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