Ben Affleck Looked For A Way Out Of Jennifer Lopez Marriage

For her e-mail newsletter, Jeannette Walls of spoke with a friend of Ben Affleck to try and find out why the actor and broke off their wedding plans at the last minute. “This behavior is classic Ben,” Affleck’s pal told Walls. “He has been looking for a way out for some time. He thought he had one with the strippers but it was not enough. And now at the 11th hour he makes this excuse. He wants to avoid confrontation at any cost, that is his personality.” As for all those alternative theories, including that the wedding secretly being planned at some far away location, the pal added, “I don’t think this is a decoy plan at all. I spoke to someone close in that camp (Ben’s camp) yesterday and they are popping bottles of champagne over there because they never wanted to see him marry her.”

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5 thoughts on “Ben Affleck Looked For A Way Out Of Jennifer Lopez Marriage

  1. OohSexxy says:

    lol and they let it get that far. I still don’t feel sorry for her.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    instead of making lame excuses about paparazzi being the reason of their postponed wedding, Ben and Jen should have had a serious one on one conversation with each other about whether or not they are truly ready for this commitment. That’s one of the reasons why I believe their marriage wouldn’t have worked anyway-they don’t seem to have too much in common.

  3. Carrie says:

    These two need some serious relationship counseling before either one of them attempts another serious relationship. He couldn’t tell her in a gentlemanly fashion that he didn’t want to get married? Come on. He had to humiliate her terribly to get the outcome he wanted. Feel sorry for whoever dates him seriously next. He’s a risky individual. As for Jen, the same holds true for her. She needs to stop thinking romance and start thinking compatibility with someone. She’s not 18 anymore. I do feel sorry for her. She fell for the loser and got burned. I do care for her and I’m looking forward to seeing a smile on her face in the future.

  4. promisemewings says:

    I don’t feel sorry for J.Lo either. She was the one who wanted out of her marriage to Cris Judd so quickly just to be with mega movie star Ben Affleck. She just uses people. So, she got what she had coming to her.

  5. ginger9 says:

    Carrie, are you 18? It’s nice to hear that you care about Jennifer Lopez. I’m sure she’s thinking about you right now.

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