Ben Affleck Misses One Thing About Jennifer Lopez

A source tells Heat magazine that if there’s one thing he misses about compared to his new wife Jennifer Garner, it is that the ‘Alias’ star doesn’t share J.Lo’s bizarre fetish, known as “shrimping”. The friend said, “Ben was embarrassed when his toe-sucking exploits were revealed. But he’s been joking that it’s the only thing he misses about J.Lo.”

Is Happy On ‘Bordertown’ Set?

June 24, 2005 – A source tells The New York Post that Jennifer isn’t happy with the working conditions on the low-budget picture ‘Bordertown’, now shooting in Mexico. “She doesn’t realize this is an independent movie – as in no studio is attached – and there is no one to pay her outrageous bills,” the source explained. J.Lo’s rep disputed the claim insisting, “Jennifer’s company, Nuyorican, is producing the movie, so she knows what’s up.”

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4 thoughts on “Ben Affleck Misses One Thing About Jennifer Lopez

  1. ihatehilary says:

    shrimping. that’s kind of like astrange1’s “fishing” fetish!!

  2. RobScott says:

    he sucked her toes or she sucked his? lol she has ugly feet (they showed them in monster-in-law. but she’s a dancer, so that’s probably why.

  3. Avril_Always says:

    Toe sucking? ew! How Unhygenic…and if she sucked his toes i feel sorry for her taste buds.

  4. L says:

    It’s Why she wears the strappiest heels around him

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