Ben Affleck Opens Up About Jennifer Lopez

Contributed by kping: There is an interview in Malaysia’s Galaxie Magazine, where Ben Affleck talks about the love of his life… Jennifer Lopez. He talks about her good influence, her cooking, her acting, and more.

Ben And Jen Turn Down Record Cash For Wedding Snaps

8, 2003 – The New York Daily News reports that despite record offers dangled in front of them by magazines, and Ben Affleck won’t be selling their wedding photos. “They’ve decided not to sell photos, and keep the day private,” a friend revealed. Affleck’s rep, Ken Sunshine, who has fielded some of the media requests, added, “It’s been a joy to say no in 20 different languages.”

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10 thoughts on “Ben Affleck Opens Up About Jennifer Lopez

  1. fantasylover says:

    Oh Christ. How many times has he opened up about Jen? How many times have we heard about her cooking, her “good influence” on him and all of this crap? Why don’t he say something new or don’t say anything at all, because I doubt anybody cares anymore! Just get married and go the ***** away. I am so sick of this Bennifer bullsh**!

  2. lopez_lover says:

    if you don’t care, don’t read you idiot lol

  3. fantasylover says:

    Please don’t call me idiot again. I have every right to be on here just as you are.

  4. OohSexxy says:

    MOST ANNOYING COUPLE OF THE YEAR! I agree they need to get married already so we can stop hearing about them, no one in real life actually cares about these two knuckle heads anymore its just the stupid media. Has anyone noticed since J.ho started in 1999 you’ve been hearing about her every year after that? I can’t believe someone who can’t act that well and sing’s horribly gets so blown up because of their BLOWN up bubble butt!

    The article says she’s the love of his life….Hey everyone Ben cheated on the love of his life! He must really be in love ;)

  5. Carrie says:

    I didn’t read the entire article. My thought is she’s marrying him to advance her film career. Actions not words are people’s true expression of love. That stripper fiasco – no one who truly respects and loves their other half would of done it or allowed it to leak out to the media the way it did. I was surprised that she didn’t run away from the relationship like she’s famous for. I can foresee a lot of pain from this relationship in the future. She just doesn’t know how to pick the right men. It’s unfortunate.

  6. grprincess says:

    I am sick of these media whores. J.Ho is only marrying him to advance her career. Too bad everyone is already sick of them.

  7. YogiBear says:

    Puffy cheated on her ass and she dissolved the relationship as soon as she hit it big, but I guess Ben is worth fighting for. (haha)

  8. OohSexxy says:

    Hey Diddy never cheated on her get your facts straight! She had a FEELING he did…whatever that means!

  9. jazzprofounder says:

    My gosh haven’t we already heard and seen enough about Ben’s love for J.lo in their TV special last summer? Jeez, for somebody who complains about paparazzi like a baby he sure does open his big mouth a lot about his whole business! We all know he’s gonna marry the “love of his life”, we see that, he needs to stop proving it! I think the main problem about this relationship that Jen and Ben are so swallowed by the “eye of the storm”, which is the media, that they just constantly focus so much attention on it rather than just living their lives together as humanly private as possible. They need to keep it sacred, not into a media circus, which they are obviously doing to themselves.

  10. grprincess says:

    She is just saying P.Diddy cheated for sympathy. She has no proof.

    I believe you were the one that said gigli would be a hit. LOL. Then you were missing for a week after it bombed. Too embarassed to face the boards.

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