Ben Affleck’s Career Ruined By Jennifer Lopez Romance

The Sun reports Ben Affleck has admitted his high profile relationship with has wrecked his box office clout and turned his fans against him. “My relationship with Jennifer has absolutely been bad for my career. The over- exposure this year has been really damaging,” Affleck moaned. “The combination of me and Jennifer as a unit became more important than the parts we did in movies. It’s not good when everybody knows everything about you – the mystique disappears. The whole world knew what we were doing on a daily basis. They wrote that we had bought jeans for half a million dollars. It made people think bad about us. But it’s not important. People who regard that as important have lost their soul.” Read more.

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9 thoughts on “Ben Affleck’s Career Ruined By Jennifer Lopez Romance

  1. Hotstar says:

    Whatever he was asking for it. Nobody told him to throw his skanky ass relationship in everyone’s face. And he is just looking for excuses what really hurt his career was a turd called GIGLI.

  2. Carrie says:

    This man is in desperate need of therapy. He’s crying out to the world for help. The only solution he’s got is to be a man and walk away from the relationship if he’s so unhappy. J Lo is the stronger of the two. You would think after knowing that Ben feels so unhappy that she would move on. Send him away. She was a thousand x’s happier with Puffy. Ben, If you could only read this – YOU NEED TO GROW UP AND BECOME A MAN.

  3. Dominicano1197 says:

    Well, if you are so desperate that you would go into a “relationship” with a slut like J.Lo, you’re bound to lose all respect from your former fans.

  4. Candee says:

    So I suppose his lack of acting ability has nothing to do with it?

  5. getalifeyall says:

    What people see Ben as is a marriage wrecking buffoon who’s a mediocre actor that can’t control himself. He’s a raging alcoholic, he obviously can’t keep his pants zipped or his tongue kept in his mouth, he won’t quit gambling and he backs all that up by asking his fans to not judge him as a person, but by his acting abilities in movies like Gigli. Oh please! If anything, he’s wrecked J.Lo’s career. Did anyone hear her song Dear Ben? It was absolutely dreadful. Before Ben, at least she made great dance music. Before Jen, Ben was still a second rate Matt Damon.

  6. Fairycute7 says:

    Their relationship was for the press and it worked for them for a little while but now its going downhill because everyone is tired of hearing about them.

  7. youhavenoidea says:

    hmm, this is in The Sun… I smell bull crap… but yeah I’m sick of em and they ain’t even married yet? just gotta wait for the divorce, which they will blame on media intrusion. they get what they deserve, pimping their relationship all over the world. and what is with Affleck’s hair…i remember when he used to be cute.

  8. myhead says:

    If he believes this he is a hypocritical fool. They both used the media when it suited them. Wasn’t this the same fool who had his face all up in her butt on a music video. They wanted to be talked about but forgot that they can’t cut it off and on at their choosing

  9. HahaIamNotHere says:

    No Ben has lost HIS soul…it’s stuck in J-Lo’s massive ass Maybe he is just trying to get it back?

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