Ben Affleck’s Mom Says Jennifer Lopez Isn’t Good Enough

Though Chris Affleck has denied she’s upset that her son Ben plans to marry Jennifer Lopez, the National Examiner claims otherwise. “She refuses to give the romance her blessing,” revealed a source. “And she shudders to think he might actually make his wife.” The source says Chris feels J.Lo will never live up to Ben’s former girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow because she has “No class.” Chris and Jennifer met recently and an insider described the scene as “icy” adding, “Disapproval was written all over her face. It was impossible to hide.”

Chris doesn’t understand why Ben sees an attraction in J.Lo either. “She doesn’t see anything classy about being a rapper’s sex kitten,” a family friend said. “She feels the same about J.Lo’s tacky wardrobe. The kind of girls Ben grew up with at his exclusive high school in Cambridge, Mass., wouldn’t have been caught dead flaunting their chest and derrieres like J.Lo does. They were much more like Gwyneth – well heeled.”

Jennifer Lopez Rescues Dog

November 7, 2002 – Globe magazine reports Jennifer spotted a whit pup limping along the road on 3 legs after she visited her family in Brooklyn. Lopez stopped her car, jumped out, and picked up the dog and then took it to a local animal shelter. The staff fixed him up and put him up for adoption. No word if he’s been claimed.

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