Ben Holds Hands With Assistant, Jen Ditches Ring

The Sun has photos of Ben Affleck holding hands with his personal assistant Chay Carter on Sunday, while his would-be bride Jennifer Lopez was across the country partying without her engagement ring on. Check out the pictures here.

Former President Eyes Jennifer Lopez?

September 16, 2003 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday night, “Over the weekend President Clinton was out here in L.A. I guess he heard that J. Lo was single again.”

Jennifer Lopez Shapes Up For Ad Shot With Help Of Vaseline

September 16, 2003 – The Daily Mail has the promo photo for Jennifer’s new perfume advertisement. Despite talk that the pictures were doctored, photographer Nick Knight insisted he only used an old-fashioned lighting technique – smearing Vaseline on his camera lens. “The campaign was based on early Hollywood photography and was a mix of modern and old technology,” he said. “We shot it on a plate camera with bellows, and smeared Vaseline on the lens. That sent light pinging off in different directions: there’s no digital equivalent to it.”

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7 thoughts on “Ben Holds Hands With Assistant, Jen Ditches Ring

  1. 1stargirl says:

    they are not even holding hands! what liars.

  2. OohSexxy says:

    Uh…that looks like they are holding hands to me! And uh….WHOA lol that’s all I have to say , as if he’s rubbing it in J.low’s face hehehehe

  3. Carrie says:

    I say Ben is the devil. The man is out on a mission. He’s been on a mission to bring this woman down for months. Maybe what we need is to have P Diddy come to Jen’s rescue next and send a couple of his nasty gangsta compadres to kick his ass. I’d love to see this. If I were Jen I’d be doing it. Ben has everyone in his camp dissing this woman. What is wrong with this man!!

  4. musikluver says:

    O PLEASE!!! the b!tch deserves it… how many times has she done the same things to other men… what goes around comes around.. and she’s getting a swift kick in her fat a$$. thank god Ben came to his senses..

  5. Asianize says:

    I totally agree with musikluver. What goes around comes around. And she actually said that she is giving and selfless in a relationship previously. What a hypocrite of the first degree. She’s a fake who has to show skin to sell records.

  6. OohSexxy says:

    I agree totally with musik she deserves it ! I don’t see why you people are feeling sorry for her what goes around comes around have you forgotten what she’s done to her ex husband Chris Judd, obviously you have.

  7. Carrie says:

    This is to all you J Lo haters – don’t hate me now, I’m just stating my opinion ok. J Lo did not leave her husbands dumped at the altar – like Ben just did to her. J Lo perhaps secretly had a brief affair with Ben and Diddy while married but never prolonged anyone’s agony for long periods. She was straight forward, dropped them, and moved on. Of course we know she has to pay for this. Ben played her from the beginning and continuously played her till now. Had, I’m sure, several affairs besides his stripper escapade. After the stripper ordeal Jen seemed ready to end the relationship. Why didn’t he end it then. No instead he ran to her set where she was filming and asked for forgiveness. He waited till the wedding weekend to give her the boot. That’s why I hate him. He never loved her and should of been man enough to drop her much earlier on. That’s my opinion folks.

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