Ben Takes Jen To Visit Grandmother

Star magazine reports things are getting serious between and Ben Affleck after Ben took her to meet his grandmother. Affleck visits her grandma regularly at Forestview Nursing Home in Wareham, Mass., but recently J.Lo tagged along. The trio arranged to meet in a special room to have privacy. Excited locals in Wareham gathered outside where they waved at the couple leaving in Lopez’s Bentley convertible.

Affleck Says J.Lo’s Just A Normal Family Girl

25, 2002 – Ben Affleck says of his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez to Swedish paper Aftonbladet, “She stands with both feet on the ground… People think that she’s a diva. But she’s just a normal family girl from the Bronx.” And it is sounding like the actor is ready to walk the aisle with J.Lo. “It feels like a family life is waiting for me,” he said. “I’m almost surprised that I don’t dread it. But the most important things in life are family, love and the relationships you have.”

Ben And Jen Find A Love Shack In Philly

25, 2002 – Us Weekly reports Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have found a love shack. The pair are renting an entire floor in the Philadelphia apartment complex The Phoenix, shelling out $17,000 a month. Meanwhile, Ben recently bought matching platinum Rolexes for Lopez and her mother, putting him back $50,000.

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One thought on “Ben Takes Jen To Visit Grandmother

  1. NYC says:

    Well, that’s how she makes her money in Hollywood, by using no moral publicity stunt to get famous. You don’t hear other celebrities doing this much stunts to get famous cause all they need is their talents. J-Lo doesn’t have talents. All she have is her looks and charms. That will go away sooner or later. Especially getting wasted by different men all the time, I’m pretty sure her sh*t gets all wrinkled up and crusty like them hookers. Ben is just too whoop to know that right now.

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