Bennifer Wedding Bells Just Another False Alarm

The Boston Herald reports that another big and Ben Affleck marriage rumor over the holiday weekend went bust, thanks perhaps to a taxi driver who claimed to have driven the couple secretly in West Tisbury. The pair never showed up, with Lopez in Winnipeg filming ‘Shall We Dance’. Jen and Ben were in New York last week, and the speculation is that she was getting one last wedding dress fitting from Vera Wang.

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4 thoughts on “Bennifer Wedding Bells Just Another False Alarm

  1. Tig says:

    What pastor/priest/preacher would marry this couple. The union began as infidelity. She was still married. Every time I read something about this Hot Pants slut, my stomach hurts. She is disgusting with no morals. I’m not impressed by her overly made-up face, her nasty hair-weave trying to be a white girl or her air-brushed skin, needs a bible, some class and a restraint for her thighs to keep them closed.

  2. OohSexxy says:

    TRYING TO BE A WHITE GIRL? CORRECT. My stomach hurts too hearing about this retarded couple over and over. She let the whole world in on her love life now its slowly backfiring….1.Gigli 2.Strip Club Incident…haha two bad signs. Hey check out this site it was pasted in a chatroom I was in Funny!

  3. Carrie says:

    I have nothing ag. J Lo. She’s made her mistakes and she’s had pay back. So she fell in love with pretty boy Ben while she was married, so have others and we don’t seem to slam them. J Garner, married, had a crush on him and perhaps had an affair as was rumored. No one goes around trashing her. Most of these women in Hollywood are professional sluts but because of race or whatever they are left alone. Let the girl live her life. She knows what she’s in for when she marries Ben. We all know his hound dogs days will never be over. He’ll be playing her big time. Let’s see when he stars with J Garner in the next Daredevil sequel. He’ll have an affair and will be reading about the scandal in US Weekly. So she fell in love with the wrong guy. These things happen. It’s not easy to drop someone you love. That’s my take.

  4. grprincess says:

    I am sick of J.HO. You cannot compare that fat slut to Jennifer Gardner. OK Gardner left her husband for another guy- I am not condoning this- but it happened once. J.Ho has 2 broken marriages. Gardner did not flaunt her new man weeks after her divorce rather she kept their relationship hidden for months. J.Ho was making out with Ben a week after her separation with her husband and got engaged while she was still married. J.Ho made no attempt to keep her new relationship under wraps-choosing to make a public spectacle of her and ben in order to promote her movie and her CD. She had no shame putting him in her video. That is the difference between the 2.

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