Ben’s Brother Finish Recording 2nd Album

Ben's Brother

Ben’s Brother singer Jamie Hartman checked in with fans on the group’s blog at MySpace (@bensbrothermusic) on Wednesday (October 1), offering an update on the British indie pop group’s second album. Hartman writes:

I can finally blog about this – because it’s happened and it’s great. We’ve finished the recording of album 2 – currently titled ‘Q and A’ – and we’ll begin mixing it shortly. But the great thing is – it’s sounding amazing – and we have a few guests on it – including backing vocals from the brilliant Jack McManus, Cass Lowe, and Pete Gordeno (Depeche Mode), and duets with two amazing international artists – Joss Stone and Jason Mraz.

Joss and Jason have both recorded their vocals for two separate tracks as duets with me – Joss on a song called Stalemate and Jason on a song called Battling Giants.

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