Berman: Kindness Sent Antonella Barba Home

Craig Berman of MSNBC shared his thoughts on the elimination of Sundance Head, Sloan, Jarred Cotter, and from Thursday night’s ‘American Idol’. “It was a kindness to send Antonella Barba home – the 20-year-old has been through enough already, given all the buzz over the risqué photos that appeared all over the Internet,” Berman writes. “The whole hullabaloo undoubtedly mortified her, embarrassed the show, and once again caused Rosie O’Donnell to inject herself into the reality TV landscape for no apparent reason other than the fact that more people watch ‘Idol’ than ‘The View’. Apart from the titillation of teenage boys hoping that more real or made-up pictures would surface if she stuck around longer, there was no reason to keep Barba around.” Read more.

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