Berman: There Are Plenty Of Reasons To Defend Sanjaya

Craig Berman of MSNBC is arguing that ‘American Idol’ finalist isn’t as bad as his legion of critics suggest – and that those taking credit for his continuation on the hit FOX show are just playing a minor role. “Don’t overestimate the effects of the Howard Stern show, much less Web sites like,” Berman writes. “Their effect on the results is likely negligible, because the producers make it difficult for that sort of effort to succeed. The phone numbers for each contestant change every week. That means that someone who hates the show enough to want to see it fail has to watch it anyway on Tuesday nights in order to get the phone number to call. They then have to wait until 9 p.m. in their time zone to call in, and probably will have to keep trying for at least several minutes in order to get through. How many people who don’t even like the show are putting in that kind of effort each week?” Read more.

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