Bert McCracken & Kelly Osbourne Break Up

Us Weekly reports The Used frontan Bert McCracken has broken up with Kelly Osbourne. Meanwhile, the singer was spotted partying in New York City at Mission the same night she backed out of the NME Awards over terror alert fears. Kelly told photographers, “Please don’t take my picture. Please, I’m not supposed to be here.”

Defends Her Outspoken Opinions

WENN reports that while has become especially famed for her outspoken opinions, she has found that this began to land her in hot water. Still, she remains defiant. “I had to go quiet for a while, because I kept getting b****kings for what I’d been saying,” she said. “Why can’t I talk sh** about someone? It’s just an opinion, it’s an observation and probably it hurt their feelings because the truth hurts. Deal with it.”

Doesn’t Consider Herself ‘Plus-Sized’

The New York Daily News caught up with Kelly Osbourne who performed at the Lane Bryant fashion show on Tuesday. Kelly didn’t consider the gig different than any other in terms of why she was asked to be there. “I wouldn’t call anything to do with me plus-sized,” said Ozzy’s daughter. “To me, plus-sized is a size 26 or something like that, but anything [around] a size 10 I wouldn’t call plus-sized.”

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