Beyonce Leaves Alex Roots Speechless

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@alexrootsmusic) on Wednesday (June 10), talking about her gig on Tuesday night and attending the Beyonce Knowles concert the prior evening. The British pop singer writes:

Thanks so much to the people that came to my gig last night at The Fly in London! We don’t let no tube strike ruin our night ayyy.

Cool gig, had fun. Met some lovely In4merz, and also someone called Alex who was lovely and told me she was my biggest fan! It felt so weird having someone get nervous to talk to me because i am just a normal 16 year old girl so thank you very much!

The night before my gig i went to see Beyonce, OH MY GOD, she left me speechless, she is literally the most talented female performer in the world, i even think she has taken over Madonna! And that is a statement! When she sings, i wanna cry, when she dances she is always the best out of all of her dancers!! And she can act too, SUPERSTAR!!!

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