Big Sales For Britney’s CD At NYC’s Virgin Megastore

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Whoa, I went to the Virgin Megastore at 7:00am and the line for Britney Spears’ in store record signing was nearing the 1,500 people mark! Not only that, but only 500 people were going to receive an autograph! Anyway, the Virgin Megastore opened at 9:00 am, and even people were at the front door waiting to buy CDs. As soon as the doors opened people rushed to Britney’s section, and people were grabbing 1-4 copies at a time! By the time I left, (20 minutes later), each copy was gone, and only one lie in a separate section. Of course they restocked but, the Britney album is going fast!

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10 thoughts on “Big Sales For Britney’s CD At NYC’s Virgin Megastore

  1. xyrus says:

    wow!! Britney’s gonna be no1 for the fourth consecutive album… that is truly a world record.. that no female artist will reach such goal.

  2. grace_04 says:

    Ugh! enough wit these fake Britney album posts. these are just written by sad Britney fans who are obsessed with Britney’s record sales. I’ll only believe once I see the official results on billboard on Thursday.

  3. smackingbishops says:

    1. Me Against the Music – I still remember when she premiered this at the NFL kickoff and the crowd cheering as soon as the semi-rap in the verses started. Has anyone noticed there’s duck quacking in the music – that’s innovation that would make Timbaland proud! I love Madonna’s solo, and her little touch with the twist she put on the melody of the chorus. Wish they’d kept the NFL version’s beginning ad-lib(the way she says “…yeah” is sexier), the M-A-G-N-E-T, Mad! (Penelope Magnet from RedZone) part of the lyrics, and the ending to the song with the “All my (people)-whoo! All my (people)-whoo! 2. Showdown – The vocal effects on the chorus – dayum. Very artsy and unpredictable. 3. Toxic – Oops I Did It Again v.2.0 – the stand-out catchy track, tricked out and updated with the latest production trends the best money can buy. I love the pause right before the chorus. Trend-setting song. 4. The Hook Up – Britney doing reggae vocals? Doesn’t sound like a good idea on paper, but the results are good! Semi-rapping, reggae vocals, that’s versatility! The driving verses on this song tickle my senses until I lose my mind – great underground trip hop vibe. 5. Everytime – I like the live version that she performed on SNL – the emotion in her voice was so strong, you could smell it. You can hear it in the times her voice choked a little, and got out of tune a little, her voice was breaking, but so strong. Beautiful. The album version makes the vibrato in her voice sound synthesized, and washed out. They took out the “after all” that was at the end of the lyrics in the SNL live version. :( 6. Outrageous – Her voice on the chorus is sensational! It’s what sets her voice apart from the “powerful steroid voices”, she’s got that simple young girl-tone to her voice, with a sexy purr to boot. Anyone noticed how great the song titles are? Me Against the Music (so many meanings, so tongue-in-cheek), Boom Boom, Showdown, Shadow, Touch Of My Hand, Brave New Girl (like Brave New World), Outrageous (that one word puts all the critics in their place, you gotta wonder is it really that outrageous to dress like a girl, to go shopping, to smoke and drink (she’s 21!), that it would cause a anti-gun adult woman to want to “shoot her”? Every single song is a potential radio single! (Except maybe not the bonus Desi Kulcha remix – sounds sorta novelty) The care taken in picking out the tracks that made the album cut, show. It’s not hard to understand – the touch of her hand. Just remember everything can be made a caricature of. Everything can be drawn as too long, too short, too average, just remember that. Critics are aspiring writers, and they’re just waiting for the opportunity to use lines that they’ve practiced and think themselves so witty for. They use it as more of a reflection for how great their writing skills are than a reflection about their subject. This album will definitely be an artistic success, but watch them try and give the credit solely to good production – the same way a jealous girl might give the credit of another beautiful girl to just good make-up. They will take away credit from her at all costs. My $0.02 to anyone that wants to compare this to “Stripped”. The music isn’t even in the same category anymore, unless you wanna be racist and put them in the same category simply ’cause they’re “white” teenage girls. And also, there is no such thing as “best” or “better” in this world, or else everyone would own the exact same albums, one kind of car, etc. It’s called diversity and it’s a beautiful thing. To divide fans between artists is to continue the ignorance of the “haves and the have nots” – simply to make yourself feel more important than somebody else.

  4. B0rntoplay says:

    It’s looking good here in San Diego too. The Target and Kmart next to me were sold out after 3 hours. But yeah, its too soon to tell for sure. It looks promising though. Lets hope the sales stay high.

  5. Cicero says:

    This is gonna be HUGE. So many people I know bought the CD, and these people didn’t like her before. They’re just Mariah and Christina fans, but not anymore.

  6. breez says:

    That’s great for Britney and all the people milking her, but why are the fans so excited? Is all you Britney fans care about sales?

  7. crazysoul says:

    Sales is one of the important factors in determining success if not the most.

  8. Cicero says:

    Hey Breez. Well, if people buy your CD, that usually indicates they support your work. It will obviously bolster Britney — and as her fans, we like to see that. If no one buys your material, that’s not a good sign. But I understand your point, Breez. You’re suggesting that popular appeal doesn’t necessarily mean someone is a true artist, or that her work is good. That’s somewhat true — but there’s something to be sad for entertaining the masses when you’re in the entertainment industry.

  9. DiRRtYRiOtBoY says:

    I bought ‘In The Zone’ today around 4 pm at the Tower records by my school. I was surprised cause there were only about 4 copies missing from the cardboard cutout that was there. And when I went to work (I work at Target) there were a ton of copies still. I guess people here aren’t flocking to this CD as fast. That’s too bad cause I figured it’d be a major sell-out. I think she’ll definitely be #1 though, based on the amount of copies sold everywhere else.

  10. rachel says:

    okay people so is the G-unit CD but you don’t see me writing essays about it. Its the first day, it will sucks if no one picked it up , also I have a feeling G-unit will be number 1, In the zone #2 and Jay-Z’s Black album # 3. Sorry Britney fans but its the truth, I could be wrong though.

    and also why are you Britney fans buying 4 copies of the same crap, don’t you know you are wasting your money and putting money in her pocket just the fact that you want her to debut @ number 1. Please stop the teenybopperness and just buy 1 CD because that is all you need!

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