Big Sleepover Victory Party At Michael Jackson’s House

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, “I’m sorry if I’m a little groggy today. I was up all night at the big sleepover victory party at Michael Jackson’s place. Just Jesus juice all night long! … As you know was found not guilty on all counts yesterday. In fact, the first thing Michael did after being found not guilty was throw away that back brace he’s been wearing. Don’t need that thing anymore! … Of course a lot of people were incredibly happy about the verdict. None of them children … Legal experts say the key was that the defense really didn’t play the race card. Well duh. They didn’t know which race to play. … This trial lasted 14 weeks. Do you realize that’s 6 weeks longer than average NBC sitcom. … After the trial last night, Michael finally got a chance to relax. He went out and had a little Mexican. I believe it was a 14-year-old named Ramón. … Today on the news they showed up in Santa Maria, all the media packing up and getting ready to go home. Yeah, it’s always a sad day when the circus leaves town. … A 31-year-old serial imposter, who passed himself off for a whole month as a a 15-year-old school boy, is being questioned by police in France. 31-year-old pretending to be 15. Well, that’s got to be Michael Jackson’s worst nightmare.”

Friedman: Sneddon Couldn’t Be Persuaded He Had No Case

June 15, 2005 – Roger Friedman of weighed in on Michael Jackson’s acquittal, and, as a reporter in attendance for the verdict, provided a blow-by-blow of the final moments before the 10 not guilty announcements were read. Friedman opined, ” told you in this column on April 30, 2004, that the case against Jackson was a bad one and would not work. The timeline made no sense. The district attorney had a personal vendetta against Jackson. The so-called ‘victims’ were liars and cheats. The DA knew it all, but persevered. It was pretty clear to everyone but him that Jackson was not guilty of committing these crimes. But there was no way Tom Sneddon could be persuaded not to do it, no matter who told him.” Read more.

Three Jackson Jurors Speak With ‘The Early Show’

June 15, 2005 – child molestation trial jurors Raymond Hultman, Smith and Michael Stevens talked to ‘The Early Show’ about their decision to acquit the King of Pop on all 10 counts against him. Watch the interview via below.

New Frontier For Michael Jackson?

June 15, 2005 – Jack Wishna tells The Las Vegas Review Journal he contacted Michael Jackson before his molestation trial began early this year, and the pop singer “remains on my short list” of headliners Wishna hopes to line up for the new resort New Frontier, which opens in late 2007 or early 2008. “I believe that two, two and a half years is time enough for him to clean up his act professionally and personally,” said Wishna.

Magic Offers Advice For Michael Jackson After Acquittal

June 15, 2005 – LA Lakers legend Magic Johnson spoke with The New York Daily News about how happy he was with the acquittal of pal Michael Jackson and the advice he has for the singer. “He has to pick himself up and get his life back together, and go on to live and work really hard,” Johnson said at the Four Seasons of Hope Gala at Gotham Hall. “Hopefully, everybody else who was involved can do the same thing.”

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