Big Success For Ricky Martin’s Foundation

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celebrated the enactment of a new federal legislation dubbed Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act recently signed by the President of the United Status, George W. Bush. The bipartisan bill assigns $361 billion for the next two years to help identify and assist victims that had been kidnapped, exploited, enslaved by their employment, trafficked involuntarily or falsely incarcerated by means of fraud or coerciveness, as well as sexual commercial exploitation, sexual tourism, prostitution or pornography, being abused to the degree of being murdered.

“The signing of this bipartisan bill reflects compassion, compromise and awareness. Child sex traffickers use their victims as merchandise that they unscrupulously sell and which consumers submit to the most despicable acts, stealing them of their childhood, their innocence,” Martin said.

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4 thoughts on “Big Success For Ricky Martin’s Foundation

  1. estephania says:

    Glad to hear he’s having success with what seems to be a forgotten about cause. More celebs need to push governments to open their eyes and take action against such atrocities. Now if Bush would just stop promoting war for the sake of profit, we’d be even better!

  2. champagne_dancer says:

    Most celebrities are too stupid, and don’t care, to make a difference.’, ‘What we really need is better politicians and better policies … not more celebs opening their mouths about subjects they know little about.

  3. galleta says:

    Good for Ricky for having the guts to bring this horrible act to the public arena. Human trafficking has been going on for years and because its rich American, Japanese, and Middle Eastern men that participate in this vile act nothing is being done about it. I’m so glad that Ricky had the guts to speak out against this entire world problem. Wish more entertainer would participate in this cause.

  4. amelita says:

    Ricky, has a good attitude, in, spite, of, those haters, who keep saying, he’s gay. good luck ricky, for, everything, good job.

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