Billy Bush: Lindsay Lohan Tainted By Press Interviews

‘Access Hollywood’ host Billy Bush blogged about his interview with Lindsay Lohan promoting ‘Just My Luck’, which she arrived late to. While waiting talked to a “very popular personality” on television about the importance of keeping your salary private to avoid people making perceptions about you. “She came, the interview went decently, and I left realizing this about her: She is very tainted by press interviews and now instinctively feels like everybody’s out to get her,” Bush writes on May 1st. “She’s been through a lot for a 19-year-old… one who made almost 8 million dollars for her current film, ‘Just My Luck.’ One step towards getting press people to lay off might be to keep them in the dark about how much money you’re making – it only makes you less real and harder to truly accept.”

Lindsay Lohan Headed To Africa To Assist One Campaign

The National Enquirer reports that Lindsay Lohan is heading to Africa to help AIDS sufferers and poverty victims for the charity organization One Campaign. “Lindsay truly does feel for those who are suffering from AIDS and who are poor – she genuinely feels she needs to pay something back to the world for the fortunate life she’s led,” an insider explained. “At the same time, she wants to be taken seriously as a person, and she’s well aware of her image as a fluffy party girl. She sees working in Africa as a means to shed her ‘naughty girl’ reputation.”

Lindsay Lohan Growing With ‘Just My Luck’ Role

Lindsay Lohan tells TMZ her new film ‘Just My Luck’ represents a chance to grow. “It’s nice that I can have this as the role that I can use to grow older with my fans because it has a good message,” Lindsay said. “I’m not trying to be cheesy when I say that, but it really does.” Video has since been removed.

‘Just My Luck’ Director Praises Lindsay’s Uniqueness

‘Just My Luck’ director Donald Petrie was quick to praise the film’s star Lindsay Lohan while speaking to The New York Daily News. “When I saw her in ‘The Parent Trap,’ I thought, ‘This girl is a star,'” Petrie said. “Lindsay has a uniqueness. She has a personality all her own, even when playing a character. She also has a playful side – there’s a twinkle there, something going on behind her eyes.”

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2 thoughts on “Billy Bush: Lindsay Lohan Tainted By Press Interviews

  1. hooker says:

    she’s a fake, drug addict, out of control of men. I really don’t like her, honest to god. there’s no difference, between her, Jessica Simpson, jho, britney, etc. Kelly Clarkson is the best, together forever, no one else, trust me, wohoooo! thank you all, muahhhh!

  2. galleta says:

    LOL….so end line she’s doing it to change her image not that she cares about the people in Africa….lol…they are just a means to an end. Typical move by a shallow person.

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