Billy Bush Talks About His Mariah Carey Interview

Billy Bush on Mariah Carey pregnancy

Billy Bush checked in on his YouTube channel with his first thought of the day, talking about breaking news on his show that she and husband Nick Cannon are expecting their first child together. “I guess it’s not shocking that she’s pregnant, I think everyone had figured that out,” Bush said. “She’s 40 years old, never thought this was in her plan. It’s a beautiful thing. I didn’t want to get too sappy while I’m interviewing somebody, but I was very happy for Mariah, she’s definitely met the right guy.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Billy Bush Talks About His Mariah Carey Interview

  1. LALMCGatorsfan says:

    Awesome I’m very happy for the Queen of R&B!!!!

    Merry Christmas II You is an amazing album and I can’t wait until Dec. 13th when Mariah does her live Christmas Special!

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