Billy Masters On Mariah’s New Year’s Performance

In his weekly column, Billy Masters of weighed in on the ABC New Year’s Eve special, featuring a performance by Mariah Carey. “Look, I have nothing but respect for Miss Carey,” Masters writes. “Two years ago, she was locked up in the nut house, and her career had less life than Dick Clark’s right side. But she’s back with the biggest record of not only her career, but ANYONE’s career. That said, Mimi is a big, strapping girl – she’s five foot nine WITHOUT heels (and you know she likes those high heels). Watching her on New Year’s Eve with Times Square as her backdrop, poured into that baby doll, breasts propped up with more blush on ’em than her cheeks, walking in that tip-toe, hunched-over way like she’s a little bit of a thing – she looked like Mothra attacking Manhattan. Come on Mimi – you’re better than that.”

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