Bitter Feud With Myleene Klass Caused Kym Marsh Exit

The Sun talked with an insider close to Hear’Say who explained the bitter and long time rivalry between female bandmate Myleene Klass was the primary reason behind Kym Marsh’s decision to ditch the band and go solo. Said the insider, “Myleene gets all the attention because of how she looks and she acts as the group’s unofficial leader. This drives Kym mad and she can’t understand it because she is actually a better a singer than Myleene. On the other hand, Myleene gets jealous because Kym gets all the best lines to sing. They are always rowing and they had a huge fight on Monday.”

Has Quit Hear’Say

January 13, 2002 – News of the World’s Rav Singh reports Hear’Say beauty Kym has quit the band after a bitter clash over her bandmates decision to go to Oman to perform for British troops. An insider revealed, “Kym thought if they were going as a gesture to entertain the troops it would have been fair enough. When she found out they were going to take a BBC crew with them she thought it had been turned into a shameless publicity stunt.”

Bookies Say Hear’Say Next UK Group To Split

December 27, 2001 – NME spoke with bookmakers William Hill that Hear’Say are favored to be the next pop group to split following the announcement by yesterday. Odds are 6/4 that Hear’Say will split before December 31, 2002, while they are also offering odds of 5/2 on Westlife, while S Club 7 are at 6/1 and The Tweenies have odds of 33/1.

Hear’Say Hottie Marries Younger Man

December 12, 2001 – The Sun reports soap star Jack Ryder will announce next week his plans to marry Hear’Say singer Kym Marsh. As for the timing, an insider revealed, “Both Jack and Kym have busy schedules next year – Hear’Say start an arena tour in June – so they haven’t decided yet whether to marry before or after that.”

Hear’Say Singer Dating Dancer

December 11, 2001 – The Sun reports Hear’Say’s Suzanne Shaw has followed the lead of American pop stars and Christina Aguilera by hooking up with one of her group’s backup dancers, David Kay. Shaw admits, “We’re having a good time. It’s really, really nice – what we’ve got is great. He dances, I sing and there is no pressure on us at all.”

Hear’Say Sales Open Awfully

December 4, 2001 – The Sun reports Hear’Say have debuted on the album charts at a horrible #20 with only 9,443, which compares against 306,631 for their debut album’s first week. A spokesman admits, “The market is incredibly hard at the moment but we are still hoping for some good sales in the run up to Christmas. If we had brought this out in the summer these sales would easily have given it a No1.”

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