BJ Carter Tells Her Side Of The Story

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BackstreetNews Group at Yahoo has an audio file of BJ Carter, star Nick Carter’s sister, telling her side of the story on Y100 today. She was involved in a brawl which got her arrested on battery charges. Angel Carter, Aaron Carter’s twin sister, allegedly dissed a group of teenage girls who then attacked her. That’s when BJ got involved. The cops say it was all BJ’s fault, she repeatedly banged her head against the police car window, and that she wasn’t cooperating. BJ called in to Y100 today to tell what really happened. She was talking about how the girls in their neighborhood hate on each other. She said Angel got out of their car, and ten neighborhood girls bum rushed her. Protecting her little sister, BJ got out the car and said “If you want a piece of her, you have to get through me first.”

Then the girls bum rushed her. BJ and the girls started fighting. There was punching, kicking, and biting. BJ injured her ankle, was kicked in the ribs, and got a black eye. She proudly admits that she got them pretty well, too. Once the girls left and the fight was over, the cops arrived and pointed the finger at BJ. BJ says after she told the cop her name, the cop said with an attitude, “I know who you are, girl.” She says from the very beginning she was a suspect, just because the cops know her brothers are famous.

The cop arrested her for defending her sister. BJ wasn’t even given the opportunity to press charges against the girls. While she was in handcuffs being questioned, the girls who attacked her and Angel were standing across the street laughing. BJ says she’s most upset because the people in her neighborhood single her out as “the Carter girl” and give her a hard time for no reason. The DJ was saying that’s the down side of fame, that people never give you a chance. The DJ asked if she would be coming to Jingle Ball. She said she will definitely be at Jingle Ball to support her brother Nick. At the end of the interview, BJ said “I appreciate you guys giving me the opportunity to tell my side of the story.” To listen to the file, join the group here.

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2 thoughts on “BJ Carter Tells Her Side Of The Story

  1. KaoticAngel says:

    I live in a small town like Marathon. Just the smallest thing like that gets passed around very fast where I live. I think that those girls were just jealous of them because they live a better life. I had an interview with a modeling agency not to long ago and some girls I know have been treating me like crap ever since they found out. It’s nothing new. Its natural for some people to get jealous of another person because something good has happened to them or you have something they want really bad so they are gonna be mean to you. And the last time I checked it was ok to defend your family whether you are famous or not. Just because a person is famous doesn’t mean that they are trouble makers. People have been getting arrested long before the Carter’s moved there. I think those girls that bum rushed them were just looking for trouble.

  2. Leeanne prince says:

    Don’t worry about it Bobbie Jean Carter their just some mean girls who are just
    Immature brats who don’t have anything better to do then pick on you

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