Bjork Discusses Working With Timbaland On ‘Volta’

spoke with Beat magazine about teaming up with Timbaland on her sixth full-length album ‘Volta’, which the Icelandic singer said “80% of the album I did on my own.” Regarding the difficulties working with Tim, Bjork explained, “I did try at first to get him involved in the concepts of ‘Volta’ and all the brass and the ideas I’ve been working on with my vocals, but he sort of sent them back to me and said that that wouldn’t really interest him. I think, with Tim, you really have to do it his way. He’s very macho – in the nicest way possible. He has a very primitive and productive energy. He’d just walk into a room and in the space of three hours we’d have four songs from scratch. He’s sort of a person who likes to work from scratch, so you’ve got nothing that you’ve prepared and came with and it’s just you, that’s it, and you just write a song… He’s sort of like a race car driver – it’s very extreme, that one element, but it made me feel like a tango dancer getting thrown around.”

said afterwards she returned to the songs for some additional noodling because she “wanted a bit more embroidery added in, because I’m a chick. So I sort of sat down and added in some structure, some backing vocals, some instruments. So we got the best of both worlds – Tim got to be a race car driver and I got to be… embroidery woman.” Three of the four songs, ‘Earth Intruders’, ‘Innocence’ and ‘Hope’, made it on the album.

The full story at has since been removed.

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