Blair: Give Posh And Becks More Privacy

The Mirror reports British Prime Minister Tony Blair yesterday pleaded for former Spice Girl and hubby David to be given more privacy in wake of allegations David had affairs with multiple women. “I hope everyone understands that occasionally when people’s privacy is invaded in this way it causes great distress,” Blair told the Commons. “And I don’t always think it’s in the public interest.”

Beckham Family At Madrid Pizza Hut

Former Spice Girl and hubby David went for lunch at Pizza Hut in Madrid, Spain with their sons and then visited a local deli where they bought fruit and signed and autograph for a young fan on March 13th.

Posh Not Doing As Well As She Lets On

A source tells Jeannette Walls of friends of former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham are worried about the singer’s health in wake of charges her husband David has bee unfaithful with multiple women. “Publicly, she’s saying she fully supports him and the marriage is strong,” the source explained, “but, she’s not doing as well as she lets on. Let’s just say, it’s been hard.”

Jordan Attacks Posh In Tell-All Autobiography

Jordan new autobiography ‘Being Jordan’ includes a savage attack on Victoria Beckham and she bitches that the singer has everything – “apart from looks”. Jordan describes Posh as “ugly” and “a cheap Essex girl” and says the former Spice Girl is jealous of her sexiness. “Jordan tells how she had the hots for David Beckham and says she thinks he’s one of the sexiest men in the world with a fit body and nice personality,” revealed a source who read the book. “There’s one bit in the book where she describes meeting Beckham for the first time. She says he secretly grabbed her hand and squeezed it – while Posh was standing near them. Jordan says she would have given anything to have disappeared with him then and got off with him – but Posh was there. She also says Posh really slagged off and thoroughly disliked her.”

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